The responsibility rests with patients to contact CANSA for assistance. Read more...

I have Cancer

Whether you have recently been diagnosed with cancer or whether you are a veteran who has undergone the rigours of treatment, or if you are now in remission, CANSA considers you a cancer Survivor.

We want you to know that you are not alone and that we would like to support you and your loved ones. As you face your cancer diagnosis, learn to live with and through this disease and even beyond it, we would like to inspire hope and courage in you and empower you with the information you need to take control of your life.

Helping You Deal with Your Cancer Diagnosis:

What is Cancer Booklet

CANSA KZN and the KZN Department of Health collaborated to produce the “What Is Cancer Booklet” a basic guide about cancer and oncology: English | Zulu

CancerCare Coping Kit

A cancer diagnosis is very stressful. You have so many questions and it may feel as if your world has turned upside down.  Help is at hand with our CancerCare Coping Kit Audio-Programme.

We developed this audio-programme ENG Coping Kit SLIM CD PRINT.cdralong with fellow cancer Survivors to help empower you to deal with cancer, by providing knowledge and understanding.

Through this audio-programme, we hope to equip you with practical tools for use in your daily life and to provide your family members & caregivers with information and knowledge, to make this journey easier.

You will learn more about the following:

  • What is cancer, its treatment & side effects?
  • Emotional reactions to a cancer diagnosis & the importance of communication
  • Cancer & nutrition
  • Celebrating life & living positively with cancer

iSurvivor Programme

We’d like to introduce you to Aunt Sophia. She has a wealth of information & practical tips to share with you.

Sign up for our iSurvivor email-based support programme and she’ll send you weekly emails to inspire & encourage you – no charge – she’s a cancer Survivor herself, so she knows what  a rollercoaster ride this cancer journey can be!

If you are a metastatic breast cancer patient you can sign up for our iSurvivor Metastatic Breast Cancer email-based support programme, and benefit from the wisdom of other MBC patients.

CANSA at Home Pain Guide

CANSA at Home Pain Guide

Online Support Resources

You can also join our Facebook Group: CANSA Survivors – Champions of Hope where you can meet other cancer Survivors – the members of this group will help support you & you in turn may inspire them! We also have a group for Caregivers. Ask your Caregiver to join our Facebook Group: CANSA Caring for the Caregivers.

Find more online support resources / groups here…

Helping You Cope with Side Effects of Treatment:

Read more about the our care & support services that we can offer you & your loved ones at our CANSA Care Centres and CANSA Care Homes. This includes counselling; support groups; stoma, wigs; medical equipment hire; breast prostheses and specialised bras; community home based care; palliative in-patient facilities and cancer screening services for annual check-ups or if there is a concern.

CANSA Tele Counselling can be accessed via the CANSA Help Desk on 0800 22 66 22 toll free, to make an appointment with a CANSA counsellor. Or send an email to the Help Desk via – this is a confidential, professional, cancer-related telephonic counselling service to cancer patients, caregivers and their families and parents or guardians of children living with cancer. Counselling is available in seven languages (English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, isiZulu, siSwati, Sesotho and Setswana) and is free of charge.

CANSA is committed to connecting people facing cancer with information, day-to-day help as well as emotional support they need in the communities where they live. Our aim is to ensure that cancer Survivors and their loved ones don’t have to face cancer alone; we’re here to support them through every step of their cancer journey.*

* The responsibility rests with patients to contact CANSA for assistance. CANSA is not informed of any diagnoses / of patients being treated at medical centres. Family need to obtain permission from patients, before CANSA may contact them. Read more…

Share Your Story of Hope

You have the power to encourage and inspire a fellow cancer patient by sharing your cancer journey – share your story of Hope…

Zoom – CANSA Netcare Virtual National Support Group Meeting – 24 July 2021

Theme: Dietary tips – managing side effects of cancer treatment and staying healthy. The good, the bad and the ugly of your eating habits…

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Published: 21 Jul 2021 | Last Updated: 22 Jul 2021
Categories: A Loved One has Cancer, CANSA Highlights, CANSA Webinars, Dietary Tips, I have Cancer

Webinar Recording: Cancer Patients and COVID-19 Vaccination

CANSA and the SANCDA arranged a webinar session about cancer patients and the COVID vaccine. The panel of presenters included two oncology experts sharing current recommendations and information, Dr Zainab Mohamed, Head Clinical Unit, Radiation Oncology Groote Schuur Hospital / University of Cape Town and Dr Ria David,  a medical oncologist and specialist physician from Oncocare.

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Published: 7 Jul 2021 | Last Updated: 16 Jul 2021
Categories: Advocacy, Beyond Diagnosis & Treatment, CANSA Highlights, CANSA Webinars, I have Cancer

“Be with You” Pendants to Support Loved Ones Going Through Treatment

The “Be with You” pendants can be given to a loved one going through cancer treatment, by a husband or wife, or family to grandparents, or a friend to a friend or partner to partner, so that they know you are thinking of them. Due to COVID, loved ones often aren’t able to be with cancer patients when they need it most, and this pendant is a tangible reminder that you are there in heart and mind. A percentage from the sale of each pendant will be given to CANSA…

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Published: 30 Jun 2021 | Last Updated: 2 Jul 2021
Categories: A Loved One has Cancer, CANSA Highlights, I have Cancer, Men's Health, Our Cause Related Marketing Partners, Women's Health

Cancer Patients and the COVID Vaccine

Dr Ria David educates us on the current recommendation for cancer patients getting the COVID vaccine…

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Published: 29 Jun 2021
Categories: A Loved One has Cancer, Caregiving and Cancer, I have Cancer

CANSA and Netcare Join Hands to Establish Virtual Cancer Support Group

CANSA and Netcare today announced that the two organisations have partnered to establish a national virtual cancer support group. This support group will be open to all persons impacted by cancer, including newly diagnosed individuals starting their cancer treatment journey, cancer survivors – even those who have been in remission for years – as well as family members and caregivers.

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Published: 25 Jun 2021 | Last Updated: 21 Jul 2021
Categories: I have Cancer, Media Releases & News, Men's Health, Women's Health

Zoom – Launch CANSA Netcare Virtual National Support Group

You are invited to join the launch of the CANSA Netcare Virtual National Support Group to be launched on Saturday, 26 June. Cancer patients and caregivers to cancer patients are welcome…

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Published: 23 Jun 2021 | Last Updated: 25 Jun 2021
Categories: A Loved One has Cancer, CANSA Webinars, I have Cancer

Webinar: Importance of Counselling and Support when Living with Cancer

Join Evy Michalopoulos from Machi Filotimo Cancer Project who is hosting a webinar regarding the importance of counselling and support when living with cancer, featuring CANSA’s Service Manager: Psycho Social Support, Gretchen Minnaar.

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Published: 21 Jun 2021 | Last Updated: 24 Jun 2021
Categories: CANSA Webinars, I have Cancer

Health Talk (@SABC_2): “Surviving Cancer” – National Cancer Survivor’s Day

Dr Ogude (Oncologist), Professor Michael Herbst (CANSA Health Specialist Consultant), Anthea Lewis (breast cancer Survivor), and David Lucas (prostate cancer Survivor) share about cancer survivorship, cancer and Hope.

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Published: 14 Jun 2021 | Last Updated: 14 Jun 2021
Categories: I have Cancer, Men's Health, Women's Health

Both Sides of My Cancer Story

By Nicole Fuller: Cancer Patient As I approach almost four years since I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer from that indescribable fear of a cancer diagnosis to an incredible journey. I would like to share both sides of my cancer story. I was diagnosed with Invasive lobular carcinoma in both breasts in July 2017. […]

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Published: 4 Jun 2021 | Last Updated: 4 Jun 2021
Categories: I have Cancer, Stories of Hope, Women's Health

Stories van Kankeroorwinnaars Inspireer Hoop

English Media Release 25 Mei 2021 – KANSA vier in 2021 90 jaar van diens en sien daarna uit om in Junie Internasionale Kankeroorwinnaarsdag met kankerpasiënte en geliefdes te vier. KANSA besef dat diegene wat deur kanker geaffekteer word baie moed weerspieël soos hulle diagnose, behandeling en newe-effekte ervaar, asook die voordeel wat die ondersteuning […]

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Published: 2 Jun 2021 | Last Updated: 9 Jun 2021
Categories: I have Cancer, Media Releases & News, Stories of Hope

Cancer Survivor Stories Inspire Hope

CANSA celebrates 90 years of service in 2021 and looks forward to celebrating International Cancer Survivors’ Day in June with cancer patients and loved ones. CANSA recognises the courage displayed by those affected by cancer as they go through diagnosis, treatment and side effects, and the benefit of support throughout this journey from fellow Survivors. CANSA invites 90 cancer patients and more, assisted by the organisation to share their story of Hope to inspire others.

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Published: 26 May 2021 | Last Updated: 9 Jun 2021
Categories: CANSA Highlights, I have Cancer, Media Releases & News, Stories of Hope

Update Charlotte Maxeke

View latest regarding Charlotte Maxeke…

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Published: 19 May 2021 | Last Updated: 30 Jun 2021
Categories: Advocacy, I have Cancer

Vera SA Ostomy Underwear a Proud Partner of CANSA

Vera SA is excited to announce their recent partnership with CANSA and the inclusion of Vera’s ostomy men and women’s underwear range for stoma wearers (colostomy, urostomy or ileostomy) at CANSA Care Centres in Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Durban, and Cape Town. Vera SA is giving CANSA 25% of sales done through CANSA.

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Published: 17 May 2021 | Last Updated: 9 Jul 2021
Categories: CANSA Bloemfontein Care Centre, CANSA Cape Metro Care Centre, CANSA Durban Care Centre, CANSA Pretoria Care Centre, I have Cancer, Our Cause Related Marketing Partners

Webinar – Inequities to Access Cancer Medicines in South Africa

Webinar – Inequities to Access Cancer Medicines in South Africa 18 May 2021 – hosted by UKZN and World Health Organisation Collaboration Centre (WHO CC)….

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Published: 11 May 2021
Categories: Advocacy, CANSA Webinars, I have Cancer

CANSA Committed to Cervical Cancer Awareness & Support

CANSA launches its Cervical Cancer Awareness and Support Campaign on International Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Day on 4 March 2021. HPV is the primary cause of cervical cancer in women, resulting in 300 000 deaths due to cervical cancer globally per annum.

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Published: 3 Mar 2021 | Last Updated: 30 Apr 2021
Categories: Advocacy, CANSA Highlights, I have Cancer, Media Releases & News, Women's Health

Lerato Monyatsi – Summiting the Mountain called Colon Cancer

Vibrant Lerato Monyatsi shares how she is climbing her way to victory over colon cancer…

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Published: 19 Feb 2021 | Last Updated: 10 Mar 2021
Categories: I have Cancer, Stories of Hope

Cape Times in Conversation with John Owens and Prostate Cancer Survivor via Facebook – 30 November 2020

Join the Cape Times in conversation with CANSA Ambassador and former Mr South Africa, John Owens, with David Pasipanodya, a prostate cancer Survivor and author of ‘Winning Attitudes’ via Facebook 30 November 16:00

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Published: 27 Nov 2020 | Last Updated: 9 Mar 2021
Categories: CANSA Webinars, I have Cancer, Men's Health

Facebook Virtual Round Table Discussion with Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients 28 October 2020

A virtual round table discussion featuring metastatic breast cancer patients with CANSA and guests, facilitated by Dr Brenda Kubheka, will take place live on CANSA’s Facebook page on Wednesday, 28 October, 18:00 to 19:00…

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Published: 26 Oct 2020 | Last Updated: 9 Mar 2021
Categories: CANSA Webinars, I have Cancer, Women's Health

Facebook Live Session – Living with Breast Cancer

CANSA wants to encourage women with breast cancer to know that they are not alone, they can get through these challenging times and live a full and productive life.

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Published: 22 Oct 2020 | Last Updated: 9 Mar 2021
Categories: CANSA Webinars, I have Cancer, Women's Health

Online Support to Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

CANSA launches its iSurvivor Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) email support programme as part of breast cancer awareness month in October. In addition to existing online support offerings and ground level support programmes for cancer patients, this programme is aimed at assisting and helping mostly MBC patients with their experienced challenges.

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Published: 22 Oct 2020 | Last Updated: 17 May 2021
Categories: I have Cancer, Media Releases & News, Women's Health

CANSA Booklets to Help Manage Cancer Patients’ Pain in the Home

CANSA and partners announce the release of two booklets, the ‘CANSA At Home Pain Guide’ and the ‘CANSA At Home Guide for Children with Pain’ to help patients, loved ones, families and caregivers to cope with pain management. #CANSAAtHomePainGuides #CANSACares #MyCareMyComfort

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Published: 21 Oct 2020 | Last Updated: 17 May 2021
Categories: Beyond Diagnosis & Treatment, CANSA's Tough Living with Cancer (TLC) Programme, I have Cancer

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