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Lymphoedema Support

Lymphoedema Support

Lymphoedema is a challenging complication of cancer surgery or radiation therapy and is called secondary lymphoedema (lymphoedema occurring at birth due to dysphasia is called primary oedema). It is a common side effect of treatment for women’s cancers, especially breast cancer and is the accumulation of fluid due to inactive or damaged lymph glands.

Lymphoedema causes swelling of a body part and usually occurs in the arms or legs, but can also occur in the face, neck, abdomen or genitals. Read more: Lymphoedema Fact Sheet.

Lymphoedema support is offered through specialised garments made available through CANSA’s partnership with M-Store. Contact your nearest CANSA Care Centre to book an appointment.

M Store Compression Garments available at CANSA Care Centres…

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