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CANSA Kimberley Virtual Care Centre

World Cancer Day – CANSA Kimberley 5km Event Challenge

Grab a buddy and take part in a 5 km event for CANSA to highlight World Cancer Day…

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Published: 30 January 2023
Updated: 1 February 2023
Categories: CANSA Kimberley Virtual Care Centre, Fundraising Events & Projects, World Cancer Day - 4 Feb

CANSA Kimberley Telethon 30 November 2022

Support CANSA Kimberley Tel: 083 633 5798 Purpose of Telethon CANSA is having a telethon to raise funds towards our 8 Care Homes situated country-wide. Because rural districts don’t have oncology clinics, cancer patients living there have to move to unfamiliar and often distant bigger centres for up to six weeks to receive life-saving treatment […]

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Published: 23 November 2022
Updated: 23 November 2022
Categories: CANSA Kimberley Virtual Care Centre, CANSA Northern Cape, Fundraising Events & Projects

KANSA vrywilliger genomineer vir Noord-Kapenaar van die Jaar

Ardath Datnow, KANSA vrywilliger die afgelope 25 jaar was benoem vir die Noord-Kapenaar toekenning van die jaar. Sy is ook lid van KANSA Kimberley se streekkomitee vir die afgelope 15 jaar. Sy is die streekvoorsitter van Reik na Herstel, ononderbroke vir ongeveer 20 jaar en een van die stigterslede van Reik na Herstel. Sy het […]

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Published: 24 June 2013
Updated: 18 August 2014
Categories: CANSA Kimberley Virtual Care Centre

CANSA Kimberley/Karoo region awarded Honorary Award

The Cancer Association in the Kimberley/Karoo region was acknowledged with an Honorary Award at the Chief Executive Officer Awards function for selfless contributions made to the patients of Kimberley Hospital Complex. Photo: Front: Mr Gordon Moncho (Chief Executive Officer Kimberley Hospital Complex), Dr Eileen Snyders (Regional manager Kimberley/Karoo region) Back: Mrs Cara Noble (Community mobiliser), […]

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Published: 9 December 2012
Updated: 11 December 2012
Categories: CANSA Kimberley Virtual Care Centre

CANSA Kimberley Virtual Care Centre

How We Help You: The CANSA Kimberley Virtual Care Centre works remotely to offer services within the community in a streamlined and modern way. Employees and volunteers are home-based. Contact us, we’d like to offer you & your loved ones care & support. Tel: 084 701 4822 (Dorothy du Plooy – screening / care / support services) […]

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Published: 26 May 2012
Updated: 26 October 2023
Categories: CANSA Kimberley Virtual Care Centre

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