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PurpleMoss Media Provides Coverage for CANSA

CANSA thanks PurpleMoss Media for the coverage they provide for CANSA at SPAR Pharmacies…

Buddies for Life / Oncology Buddies

Buddies for Life delivers lifestyle-orientated online content in an appealing, uplifting format to breast cancer Survivors.

Oncology Buddies (included in each Buddies for Life publication) caters for other cancer awareness and the various support groups. The focus is on awareness, education and support.

CANSA contributes articles to Buddies for Life / Oncology Buddies emagazine.

Nutri-Reset Digital Publication

CANSA contributes articles to the Nutri-Reset emagazine.


Mzanzihealth online magazine covers the entire gamut of health-related issues, activities, experiences, products and more.

CANSA contributes articles to this magazine.

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Knowledge for Life: CANSA Unveils Podcast Series For #GivingTuesday

In a significant step towards community education, CANSA introduces a podcast series sharing helpful insights into lowering the cancer risk and care. This initiative underlines CANSA’s commitment to educating the public with knowledge that can make a difference in the fight against cancer…

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Published: 28 November 2023
Updated: 28 November 2023
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CANSA withdraws Smart Choice Seal from two sunscreens

CANSA announces that it is withdrawing its Smart Choice Seal from the Kool-a-Chem range of sunscreens currently carrying the CANSA trademark, as of November 2023. This is due to non-compliance and contravention of the license agreement, following random laboratory tests carried out by CANSA.

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Published: 13 November 2023
Updated: 14 November 2023
Categories: CANSA Seal of Recognition - Protection Category, Media Releases & News, SunSmart

Comedy Central’s Novemballs Campaign: A Hilarious Mission to Protect Your Precious Jewels

Comedy Central, the brand that makes life funnier, is proud to announce the return of its award-winning cancer-awareness campaign, Novemballs! As a brand that always strives to tell the funny truths, Comedy Central is taking this opportunity to spotlight the importance of “taking care of your balls”. Comedy Central has teamed up with CANSA to bring you Novemballs, a testicular cancer awareness campaign to educate men about lowering their cancer risk…

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Published: 7 November 2023
Updated: 9 November 2023
Categories: A Loved One has Cancer, Advocacy, CANSA Highlights, I have Cancer, Media Releases & News, Men's Health

Prostaatkanker – Ons Ontmasker die Stille Bedreiging  

English Media Release 26 Oktober 2023 – Dis Manlike Gesondheidsmaand en die Kankervereniging van Suid-Afrika (KANSA) skyn die kollig op ’n onopvallende maar belangrike kwessie wat ’n substansiële gedeelte van die Suid-Afrikaanse manlike bevolking affekteer. Prostaatkanker, ’n subtiele maar formidabele vyand, het stil-stil een van die mees algemene kankers onder die nasie se mans geword. […]

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Published: 30 October 2023
Categories: Media Releases & News

Prostate Cancer – Unmasking the Silent Threat

It’s Men’s Health month in November and the CANSA puts the focus on an inconspicuous yet significant issue that affects a substantial portion of the South African male population. Prostate cancer, a subtle but formidable adversary, has quietly become one of the most common cancers among men in the nation…

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Published: 30 October 2023
Updated: 6 November 2023
Categories: CANSA Highlights, Media Releases & News, Men's Health

Cheeky CANSA Campaign Encourages Female Shoppers to Check out their ‘Melons’

To encourage self-screening, CANSA has joined hands with retail chain Food Lover’s Market and Grid Worldwide, a leading branding and design agency, in a national campaign that appeals to shoppers to check their breasts as often as they check out their fruit and vegetables. Taking place in October, for breast cancer awareness month, the Check Them Out campaign will see the fresh produce aisles of all 300 Food Lover’s stores across the country brandished with cheeky stickers to remind women to perform home self-examinations to spot lumps, bumps and other irregularities, which could be signs of breast cancer…

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Published: 29 September 2023
Updated: 31 October 2023
Categories: Media Releases & News, Women's Health

Impact of Breast Cancer on Mental Health

Breast cancer affects many South African women being the most common among women in the country. Prioritising mental well-being can make the breast cancer journey more manageable. CANSA understands this and offers counselling services and support groups to support cancer survivors and caregivers emotionally.

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Published: 28 September 2023
Updated: 31 October 2023
Categories: A Loved One has Cancer, Caregiving and Cancer, I have Cancer, Media Releases & News, Women's Health

Die Impak van Borskanker op Geestesgesondheid

Borskanker affekteer baie Suid-Afrikaanse vroue en is die mees algemene kanker onder vroue in die land. Deur jou geesteswelstand te prioritiseer, kan die borskankerervaring meer hanteerbaar maak. KANSA verstaan dit, en bied beradingsdienste en ondersteuningsgroepe om kankeroorwinnaars en versorgers emosioneel te ondersteun.

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Published: 27 September 2023
Updated: 29 September 2023
Categories: Cope with Cancer, Media Releases & News, Women's Health

Pink Trees for Pauline – Wrapped in Colour – United in Hope

Now in its 11th year of making a difference, Pink Trees for Pauline continues to shine a spotlight on the needs of cancer communities in South Africa. Hundreds of kilometres of material will again be wrapped around the trunks of trees in over 140 towns this year, as this charity continues to encourage collaboration and find new and bright ways to raise funds towards this worthy cause. Pink Trees for Pauline’s colourful headscarf designed to showcase its quintessentially South African spirit, culminated in the aptly named #doekwithadifference campaign in partnership with CANSA and is now in its sixth consecutive year. Earrings and bracelets are also available…

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Published: 27 September 2023
Updated: 31 October 2023
Categories: Media Releases & News, Women's Health

The Hollard DareDevil is Coming to Your Hood this October

South African men and boys urged to run cancer “outta your hood” in aid of prostate and testicular cancer awareness. Don’t be alarmed when you see groups of men and boys running around your neighbourhood in purple speedos in October. Better yet, get involved. This run with a difference that makes a difference is the annual Hollard Daredevil Run and it’s coming to your kasi, your hood, your campus, and your street on Friday, 13 October 2023…

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Published: 27 September 2023
Updated: 16 October 2023
Categories: Fundraising Events & Projects, Media Releases & News, Men's Health

Helping Young Cancer Survivors Celebrate Life

In June, as part of International Cancer Survivors’ month, CANSA celebrates all cancer survivors and salutes their perseverance, with the focus on children, teens, young adults and parents or guardians. Each cancer diagnosis can impact a patient and their loved ones negatively, and CANSA provides the practical and emotional support they need throughout cancer treatment. Receiving a diagnosis as an adult is difficult, but even more so when it’s a child or teenager and it is especially hard on parents of paediatric patients. When a child or teenager is diagnosed with cancer, CANSA TLC offers support to sustain paediatric patients, parents and loved ones as they face their worst fear…

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Published: 19 September 2023
Updated: 28 September 2023
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Ons Bemagtig Adolessente en Jong Volwassenes met Kanker: KANSA Free2Bme Diens

English Media Release 23 Augustus 2023 – September is Kinderkanker Bewusmakingsmaand, en KANSA is opgewonde om ’n inspirerende inisiatief bekend te stel wat beoog om ’n groot impak te maak in die lewens van mid-adolessente en jong volwassenes (ook bekend as AYA) tussen die ouderdomme van 13 en 25 jaar wat die uitdagings van ’n […]

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Published: 30 August 2023
Updated: 30 August 2023
Categories: CANSA's Tough Living with Cancer (TLC) Programme, Media Releases & News

Preserving Hope: Fertility Discussions for Female Cancer Patients

CANSA highlights the impact of a cancer diagnosis on women, regarding fertility. Discussions about preserving fertility should happen before cancer surgery or treatments begin. Many women reported limited information received from healthcare providers about the impact of cancer treatment on their future fertility.

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Published: 7 August 2023
Updated: 31 August 2023
Categories: Beyond Diagnosis & Treatment, I have Cancer, Media Releases & News, Women's Health

Putting the Care in CANSA Care Month

CANSA celebrates CANSA Care Month in August to highlight its service offerings. We highlight our new CANSA Information and Support Desks at public hospitals, run by staff and trained volunteers. CANSA also developed a series of ‘Coping with Cancer’ posters in English, Afrikaans, seSotho, seTswana, isiXhosa, isiZulu.

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Published: 7 August 2023
Updated: 21 September 2023
Categories: I have Cancer, Media Releases & News, Men's Health, Women's Health

Your Goodwill Legacy is in Your Hands

Nelson Mandela International Day (18 July) allows reflection on Madiba’s values and principles and to choose to make a positive impact on communities. CANSA invites everyone to support a CANSA Care Home to give patients an opportunity to be treated at oncology centres, who are otherwise too far away from these centres to receive treatment…

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Published: 5 August 2023
Updated: 31 August 2023
Categories: A Loved One has Cancer, I have Cancer, Media Releases & News

Ons Plaas die Sorg in KANSA Sorgmaand

KANSA vier gedurende Augustus KANSA se ondersteuningsaanbiedinge. Ons lig die nuwe KANSA Inligtings- en Ondersteuningstoonbanke by sommige openbare hospitale uit wat deur personeel en opgeleide vrywilligers behartig word. KANSA het verder ’n reeks ‘Verwerking van Kanker’-plakkate ontwikkel wat beskikbaar is in Engels, Afrikaans, seSotho, seTswana, isiXhosa, isiZulu

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Published: 3 August 2023
Updated: 24 August 2023
Categories: Cope with Cancer, I have Cancer, Media Releases & News, Men's Health, Women's Health

Bewaar Hoop: Gesprekke met Vroue Kankerpasiënte oor Vrugbaarheid

KANSA vestig die kollig op die impak van ’n kankerdiagnose op vroue, met betrekking tot vrugbaarheid. Kanker en die behandeling daarvan kan soms ’n vrou se vermoë om kinders te hê affekteer. Dit is beter dat gesprekke oor vrugbaarheidsbewaring plaasvind voordat kankeroperasies of -behandeling begin.

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Published: 31 July 2023
Updated: 1 August 2023
Categories: I have Cancer, Media Releases & News, Women's Health

Clearing the Air: CANSA Supports Smoke-Free Legislation

CANSA fully supports the Ministry of Health’s proposed Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Control Bill that may require all enclosed and some outdoor public areas to be 100% smoke-free. Currently, the Bill is in parliament and OPEN for public comments until 4 SEPTEMBER 2023. Show your support by helping to get the new proposed South African Tobacco Bill (2018) passed – submit online…

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Published: 20 July 2023
Updated: 13 September 2023
Categories: Advocacy, Media Releases & News, No-Tobacco Campaign

Jou Welwillendheid-Nalatenskap is in Jou Hande  

English Media Release 26 Junie 2023 – Op Internasionale Nelson Mandela Dag (18 Julie) kan ons oor Madiba se waardes en beginsels nadink en kies om ’n positiewe impak in ons gemeenskappe te maak. Die KANSA nooi almal uit om ’n KANSA Sorgtuiste te ondersteun sodat pasiënte wat ver van onkologie-sentrums af is, die geleentheid […]

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Published: 11 July 2023
Categories: Media Releases & News

Journal for Women with Cancer to Benefit CANSA

Wilderness to Wellness proudly announces its partnership with CANSA through the sales of its Journal aimed at women living with cancer as part of International Cancer Survivors’ month in June.

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Published: 23 June 2023
Updated: 4 August 2023
Categories: A Loved One has Cancer, I have Cancer, Media Releases & News, Women's Health

Ons Help Jong Kankeroorwinnaars om die Lewe te Vier  

English Media Release 6 Junie 2023 – Gedurende Junie, as deel van internasionale Kanker Oorwinnaarsmaand, vier die KANSA alle kankeroorwinnaars en hulle uithouvermoë, met die fokus op kinders, tieners, jong volwasenes en hulle ouers en voogde. Elke kankerdiagnose kan ’n pasiënt en hulle geliefdes negatief beïnvloed, en KANSA verskaf die praktiese en emosionele ondersteuning wat hulle […]

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Published: 8 June 2023
Updated: 23 June 2023
Categories: Media Releases & News

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