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Prevalence Cancer

Prevalence Cancer

Global Cancer Statistics

South African Cancer Statistics

South Africa’s National Cancer Registry (NCR) first established in 1986 and provides information re SA cancer statistics. The NCR plays a vital role in maintaining and developing national and international awareness re the enormous burden of cancer in our country.

CANSA and the SA public rely on statistics provided in the NCR Reports.

Currently the registry is not up to date, but the issue is being addressed asap and CANSA is supporting these efforts to update the registry.

The 2016 NCR Statistics have been released…

Please direct all queries re updates SA cancer statistics to the National Cancer Registry (NCR) Tel: 011-555 0458.

Cancer is one of the major killers throughout both the developed and developing world, including South Africa. CANSA is proud to be associated with the NCR and has contributed substantially to the publication of these essential reports.

Although the NCR is a pathology-based registry, resulting in under-reporting of many malignancies, some more than others, many critical decisions need to be made based on its data. A planned population-based registry will be even more vital, especially when decisions relating to screening, prevention, as well as cancer treatments are made.

The lack of an updated cancer registry for South Africa will be a thing of the past as soon as the Department of Health’s regulation, which will compel health care facilities and laboratories to provide the National Cancer Registry (NCR) with information, is published in the Government Gazette. Read more…

The SA National Cancer Registry – Files:

2020 – the 2016 NCR Report was the last report to be made available to the SA public and CANSA.

As updated information is received from the NCR, CANSA updates this web page, and our Fact Sheets & Position Statements to reflect latest statistics:

SA Medical Research Council (MRC) – 20 Top Cancers as Cause of Death:

Health Profile of SA & Related Information

Has Cancer Touched Your Life?

Cancer affects one in four South Africans, through diagnosis of family, friends, colleagues or self.

We want you to know that you are not alone and that we would like to support you and your loved ones, regardless of how cancer has touched your life.

Find info & online resources to help you fight cancer and please read more about CANSA’s Holistic Care & Support which is offered at our CANSA Care Centres countrywide.


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