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CancerCare Coping Kit

CancerCare Coping Kit

CancerCare Coping Kit

ENG Coping Kit SLIM CD PRINT.cdrWe know how scary and stressful a cancer diagnosis can be.  Our CANSA Cancercare Coping Kit offers information to empower & support you to deal with a cancer diagnosis, treatment, possible complications & changes in body image, emotions and social issues.

It also provides practical advice to you, your loved ones, caregivers and friends to help make your cancer journey easier to bear and to help you to take control, by making informed choices.

Our revised kits (2013) contain tips and advice from cancer Survivors, who know just how difficult it is to cope with cancer.

Should you wish to obtain a copy of the CD version of the Coping Kit, please contact the CANSA Care Centre closest to you.

Booklet Version CancerCare Coping Kit

How to listen to, download & share our Audio CancerCare Coping Kit:

  • Each track is made up of one or two parts in MP3 format.

There are two ways you can listen to it:

  • Click on the Play button once on the tracks below and listen to it through your browser while being online


  • Right click once on the links below the tracks saying “Right click here and ‘Save link as’ to download” and then left click on Save Link As.  Choose a location for the file to be downloaded to and wait for each file to download to your computer.  Go to the files on your computer and listen to it offline and in your own time through your computer’s default media player, the same way as you would listen to music MP3s.


  • These downloaded files can also be copied and shared with anyone onto flashdrive or onto CD.  It could also be emailed but we suggest that you email the files one by one as the average filesize is about 2.7MB.

CANSA CancerCare Coping Kit Tracks

This audio programme contains the following information:

Track 1: Celebrating life

Right click here and “Save link as” to download Track 1

Track 2 (Part A and B):

  • What cancer is
  • Treatments
  • How to cope with possible side effects

Track 2A:

Right click here and “Save link as” to download Track 2A

Track 2B:

Right click here and “Save link as” to download Track 2B

Track 3 (Part A and B):

  • Coping with the emotional impact of cancer
  • Importance of communication

Track 3A:

Right click here and “Save link as” to download Track 3A

Track 3B:

Right click here and “Save link as” to download Track 3B

Track 4 (Part A and B):

  • Nutrition and lifestyle
  • Coping guidelines

Track 4A:

Right click here and “Save link as” to download Track 4A

Track 4B:

Right click here and “Save link as” to download Track 4B

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  • Dirk van der Bank says:

    I found your Coping Kit very inspiring. A website I can recommend with inspirational cancer quotes is I agree with Dudley above that men must go for regular checkups. I’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer 10 years ago and been on active surveillance since then. My PSA went up gradually and I’m receiving hormone treatment at the moment. Luckily the cancer hasn’t spread. Next month I’ll get brachytherapy. As one quote. says : “Cancer is only a word – its not a sentence!”

  • Maurice Fouche says:

    Greetings to all the strong cancer survivors and those that have to support those that are suffering. My name is Maurice and I have been living with Multiple myeloma since February 2013, had my stem cells transplanted shortly after that. Then October 2016 relapsed back into cancer again with severe bone pain. We survivors will have very tough times if it wasn’t for helping hands and even those that even pray for us which we haven’t even met are a great help and must be shown appreciation for all that they do. Just by word of mouth news is given about our illness and it spreads like wild fire and people out there are willing to help in anyway possible.

    The most important thing to remember is know your enemy, cancer survivors MUST gain as much knowledge about their illness as possible and document all doctor visits and treatments also medications prescribed and taken. This is very important for you, this assists your Doctor’s and also care givers incase you are unable to communicate at least there is a Journal with documentation to follow up your current treatment and medication rejime. It basically turns a scary situation into a easy to assess problem that can easily be solved with much less guess work.

    I wish everyone out there the best, because cancer doesn’t just affect the patient, it’s a group thing. Knowledge is power people it saves time and guess work so get to know your cancer it’s a sad part of you, but it doesn’t have to end there. Best stay strong as possible and get as many answers to questions as possible. Always know that God will be there for you and if you need anything all you have to do is ask Him for it. If you have received from God then you can pass His great miracle onto others too, so that they can also grow stronger in faith and become more positive knowing that they are being watched and cared for in the best way possible. Stay strong, stay positive and pass your good news to others so they can also learn these tricks to survive.

    Best regards to all fighting the long fight.

  • Nomsa Mashitisho says:

    I ‘m a survivor who has survived lung cancer twice.

    I was diagnosed in 2005 and my right lung was removed. In 2007 I had cancer again in my left lung.

    I had eight doses of chemotherapy and fifteen doses of radiation.

    I went for a scan and no cancer was detected in my lung. I am living a normal life, working normally and though I struggle to breath, I don’t have cancer anymore.

  • Theresa says:

    Hi my name is Theresa Johnson 32 years of age. On the 29th of April 2014 (this year) I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    Had a double mascetomy on the 26th of May. Still undergoing chemo and i must say these few months hasn’t been easy, but with the help of God and so many loving people around me its worth fighting this CANCER to the MAX!

    Thank you also to the CAREGIVERS from KROONSTAD especially sister Adri! Please ladies do yourself a favour and go for your yearly check-ups. Love and peace

  • Dudley du Plessis says:

    Hi my name is Dudley du Plessis – it’s the first time I read this. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 3 years a go, underwent the operation and have been clean for the past 3 years.

    Please men go for your yearly test, it will save a life. CANCER CAN BE BEATEN. MOSSEL BAY

  • Glynnis says:

    Hi Im Glynnis. Live in Sasolburg.A temp at Sasol midlands site. I was diagnosed with Grade 2 non invasive Breast cancer last year. Went for surgery at Millpark with Dr Carol Benn 3rd October and 30th October 2013.

    On removal of all the extensive exsessive breast tissue it was found i had a further 2mm live cancer cell. Treatment was then arranged of 4 Hectic Chemotherapies and now 30 Radation treatments which i am currently on my 5th one. Luckily it was found it in time and it will be better after all treatments are done.

    Some people are going through long and terrible aggressive treatments. I lost my precious hair but have discovered hair is nothing. Its the person inside that counts.

    Your face stays the same. Its do able. Also saves time on getting ready in the morning.No more bad hair days for a while. Might keep it short from now on 🙂

    Please ladies go for you mammograms early. Dont delay.

    Finances are the hardest to deal with when you are undoing extreme surgery and then treatment. Losing pay for hours off and long distances to travel are the hardest.

    Having my job and my Faith kept me going and something to get up for and live for.There is Hope for all

    • Debbie @CANSA says:

      Thank you for your inspiring comment Glynnis! Please join our Facebook Group for cancer survivors (those who have heard the words ‘you have cancer’) – this group is a great source of encouragement to many people recovering from the shock of a diagnosis & going through treatment. See link here:

  • Carla says:

    just a token of appreciation
    I want to thank the cansa care centres for the work they have done & the work they are busy with!!
    my mom passed away from melanoma cancer 12 years ago, and last year my stepmom was diagnosed with cancer as well (she is currently undergoing treatment).
    if it wasn’t for the resources made available & the love & support from the cansa care centres, it would have been much harder for me to cope & carry on & work through what was & is happening.

  • Gary says:

    I am very grateful for the information and support this association provides. Please prepare caregivers for the long haul that they will face. It is important to realise that the cancer patient never asked for the dreaded disease so caregivers should not get angry with the patient when they are over demanding, but should treat them with lots of love and imence amount of patience.

    For the caregiver it is a lifestyle change like getting married or having a baby. The caregiver must also realise that they are not doctors and should not try to diagnose feelings or solutions. Cancer association has very competant sisters and doctors and Hospice has very strong minded sisters. Friends of the cancer patient should also be positive and negative comments are not acceptable around a cancer patient. Comfort for the patient is of utmost importance.

    My dearest sister in law has been fighting Lymphodema for nearly 3 years and her positive attitude besides the loving supportive family and true friends support and a dedicated husband has kept her going. So to all caregivers out there – WELL DONE!! Keep it up. You are extra special.

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