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CANSA is a leader in the fight against cancer in South Africa, since 1931, the purpose of the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), is to offer a unique, integrated service to the public and to all people affected by cancer. Read more…

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Zoom – CANSA Netcare Virtual National Support Group Meeting – 24 July 2021

Theme: Dietary tips – managing side effects of cancer treatment and staying healthy. The good, the bad and the ugly of your eating habits…

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Mandela Day – CANSA Provides Relief to Cancer Patients

CANSA in support of Nelson Mandela International Day (18 July) and in line with its theme ‘One Hand Can Feed Another’, aims to help assist cancer patients by providing basic needs through food and care packages…

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Webinar Recording: Cancer Patients and COVID-19 Vaccination

CANSA and the SANCDA arranged a webinar session about cancer patients and the COVID vaccine. The panel of presenters included two oncology experts sharing current recommendations and information, Dr Zainab Mohamed, Head Clinical Unit, Radiation Oncology Groote Schuur Hospital / University of Cape Town and Dr Ria David,  a medical oncologist and specialist physician from Oncocare.

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Invest in Wellbeing Despite COVID

Corporate Wellness Week takes place in South Africa from 6 to 10 July 2021 and the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) encourages employers to take this opportunity to assist employees by asking them to identify health risks using CANSA’s online Lifestyle Risk Assessment. (Image taken prior to COVID-19 all safety protocols are followed during screening)

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“Be with You” Pendants to Support Loved Ones Going Through Treatment

The “Be with You” pendants can be given to a loved one going through cancer treatment, by a husband or wife, or family to grandparents, or a friend to a friend or partner to partner, so that they know you are thinking of them. Due to COVID, loved ones often aren’t able to be with cancer patients when they need it most, and this pendant is a tangible reminder that you are there in heart and mind. A percentage from the sale of each pendant will be given to CANSA…

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Second Virtual Avon Justine iThemba Walkathon 2021 – Ticket Sales Open

Ticket sales for this year’s virtual Avon Justine IThemba Walkathon #iThembaWalkathon on 3 October 2021 are now open!

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Cancer Survivor Stories Inspire Hope

CANSA celebrates 90 years of service in 2021 and looks forward to celebrating International Cancer Survivors’ Day in June with cancer patients and loved ones. CANSA recognises the courage displayed by those affected by cancer as they go through diagnosis, treatment and side effects, and the benefit of support throughout this journey from fellow Survivors. CANSA invites 90 cancer patients and more, assisted by the organisation to share their story of Hope to inspire others.

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“Guys, have You Checked Your Goolies?”

He was about to turn 30, and since his early teen years, his mother had been reminding him and his brother to “check their goolies” at least once a month for any lumps. Being a nurse and working with the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), Olivia Curlewis knew that testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men aged between 15 – 39, and that it affects males of all races. The survival rate of stage 1 testicular cancer can be as high as 100%, making early detection and prompt action vital.

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90 Years of Making Cancer Research Possible

CANSA is turning 90 this year and we’ve always had a heart for supporting cancer research and is one of the largest local funders of cancer research in South Africa. Our research programmes aim to target the challenges of cancer risk reduction, early detection and cancer survivorship in South Africa.

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CANSA and SACRS Launch Colorectal Cancer Awareness and Support

SA in partnership with The South African Colorectal Society (SACRS) launches its Colorectal Awareness and Support Programme on World Health Day, 7 April 2021. COVID-19 has led to a delay in screenings and treatment as CANSA urges all to make health a priority.

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CANSA Committed to Cervical Cancer Awareness & Support

CANSA launches its Cervical Cancer Awareness and Support Campaign on International Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Day on 4 March 2021. HPV is the primary cause of cervical cancer in women, resulting in 300 000 deaths due to cervical cancer globally per annum.

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CANSA – 90 Years of Service

We are celebrating a remarkable milestone in our history. CANSA is celebrating its 90th Anniversary this year. First opening its doors in 1931, the organisation has continued to evolve to meet the needs of cancer patients and loved ones throughout the years.

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CANSA Participates in Lung Cancer Research with the University of KwaZulu-Natal

CANSA is partnering with the University of KwaZulu- Natal-Multinational Lung Cancer Control Programme (UKZN-MLCCP) under the leadership of Dr Themba Ginindza and other Co-Principal Investigators for a three-year period.

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Cancer-related Research Studies

We collaborate with partners to support awareness of, and access to, cancer-related research studies and make available regularly updated information on studies currently taking place in South Africa. Find out what studies and research are taking place, if you are eligible and how you can get involved. 

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