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Impact of Breast Cancer on Mental Health

Breast cancer affects many South African women being the most common among women in the country. Prioritising mental well-being can make the breast cancer journey more manageable. CANSA understands this and offers counselling services and support groups to support cancer survivors and caregivers emotionally.

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Published: 27 September 2023
Updated: 27 September 2023
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Help the Vlok Family Raise Money to Make Treatment Easier for Young Cancer Patients

2023 – Our family’s 11th Annual Paediatric Cancer Campaign will run from 1-30 September 2023. Our theme this year: ‘Look Forward’. Funds raised in 2023 will help CANSA TLC afford life changing medical port-a-cath and broviac implants (used for critical chemotherapy infusions, administration of medicines / fluids, as well as repetitive blood draws), prosthetic eyes (retinoblastoma is a prevalent paediatric cancer in South Africa), as well as a variety of paediatric mobility devices and medical necessities. Funds will also be used for nutrition packages for those in need. We appreciate each and every donation to help us reach our target of R75 000! Together we can make a difference!

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Published: 21 September 2023
Updated: 22 September 2023
Categories: CANSA Highlights, CANSA's Tough Living with Cancer (TLC) Programme

CANSA Partners with Capital Legacy

CANSA has partnered with Capital Legacy, South Africa’s largest wills and estate specialists, to help more people get their valid wills in place…

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Published: 20 September 2023
Updated: 28 September 2023
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Empowering Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) with Cancer: CANSA Free2Bme Service

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and CANSA is delighted to unveil an inspiring initiative aimed at making a significant impact in the lives of mid adolescents and young adults (AYA) between the ages of 13 and 25 who are facing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. The CANSA Free2Bme programme is a beacon of hope and support tailored to meet the unique needs of young individuals on their cancer journey…

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Published: 20 September 2023
Updated: 22 September 2023
Categories: A Loved One has Cancer, CANSA Highlights, CANSA on the Move for the Youth, CANSA's Tough Living with Cancer (TLC) Programme, I have Cancer, Media Releases & News

Casting Light on Lymphoma: Understanding a Stealthy Disease

CANSA marks World Lymphoma Day on 15 September, raising awareness of lymphoma, a cancer impacting thousands of lives.  This annual event highlights the importance of early detection, advancements in treatment, and the determined spirit of individuals living with lymphoma head-on. Chantel Memziwe, a cancer survivor, shares a remarkable tale of courage and resilience, when getting Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL). Diagnosed twice with this cancer, first in 2017 with stage 4 NHL, Chantel’s journey symbolises unwavering determination…

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Published: 13 September 2023
Updated: 14 September 2023
Categories: A Loved One has Cancer, CANSA Highlights, Caregiving and Cancer, I have Cancer, Men's Health, Types of cancer, Women's Health

Chantel Memziwe NHL Survivor Outrunning Cancer – Perseverance Leads to Triumph

Chantel Memziwe is a determined lady! Never letting her cancer diagnosis or treatment get the best of her, she kept pursuing her love of running and achieving the goals she had set for herself. We are so fortunate that she is one of our CANSA Active Sanlam Cape Town Marathon Ambassadors for 2023. Chantel is also a member of our Facebook Support group for cancer patients and loved ones, Champions of Hope. Read her remarkable story of perseverance…

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Published: 13 September 2023
Updated: 13 September 2023
Categories: A Loved One has Cancer, Beyond Diagnosis & Treatment, CANSA Highlights, I have Cancer, Stories of Hope, Women's Health

Pink Trees for Pauline – Wrapped in Colour – United in Hope

Now in its 11th year of making a difference, Pink Trees for Pauline continues to shine a spotlight on the needs of cancer communities in South Africa. Hundreds of kilometres of material will again be wrapped around the trunks of trees in over 140 towns this year, as this charity continues to encourage collaboration and find new and bright ways to raise funds towards this worthy cause. Pink Trees for Pauline’s colourful headscarf designed to showcase its quintessentially South African spirit, culminated in the aptly named #doekwithadifference campaign in partnership with CANSA and is now in its sixth consecutive year. Earrings and bracelets are also available…

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Published: 6 September 2023
Updated: 6 September 2023
Categories: CANSA Highlights, Media Releases & News, Women's Health

Cancer-related Research Studies

We collaborate with partners to support awareness of, and access to, cancer-related research studies and make available regularly updated information on studies currently taking place in South Africa. Find out what studies and research are taking place, if you are eligible and how you can get involved. 

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Published: 10 November 2019
Updated: 20 April 2022
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