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CANSA George Care Centre

World Cancer Day – CANSA Southern Cape 5km Event Challenge

Grab a buddy and take part in a 5 km event for CANSA to highlight World Cancer Day….

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Published: 30 January 2023
Updated: 1 February 2023
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CANSA Southern Cape Telethon 30 November 2022

Support CANSA Southern Cape Tel: 044-874 4824 (George) Tel: 071-373 8750 (Oudtshoorn) Purpose of Telethon CANSA is having a telethon to raise funds towards our 8 Care Homes situated country-wide. Because rural districts don’t have oncology clinics, cancer patients living there have to move to unfamiliar and often distant bigger centres for up to six […]

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Published: 23 November 2022
Updated: 23 November 2022
Categories: CANSA George Care Centre, CANSA Oudtshoorn Care Centre, CANSA Western Cape, Fundraising Events & Projects

CANSA George Care Centre

How We Help You: Contact or visit us, we’d like to offer you & your loved ones care & support. 103 Merriman Road, George, 6529 P.O. Box 1428, George, 6530 Tel: 044-874 4824 | 0800 22 66 22 | Facebook Like the CANSA Western Cape Facebook Page to keep up to date with our […]

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Published: 26 May 2012
Updated: 14 December 2021
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