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CANSA Seal of Recognition

CANSA Seal of Recognition

The Smart Choice endorsement programme is part of an ongoing effort by the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) to reduce exposure to carcinogens and other risk factors associated with cancer development.

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CANSA aims to promote a smart, balanced life style using the CANSA Smart Choice Seal as a tool to assist the public in making healthier, informed choices.


CANSA has been in existence since 1931, which over time has built a credible reputation with all stakeholders. The National Department of Health has granted CANSA permission to act as the endorsing body for the CANSA Seal of Recognition programme.

The CANSA Smart Choice trademark is only awarded to products that have undergone testing at an independent laboratory and which comply with the National Standards (SANS) or similar International Standards (ISO), as well as the stringent evidence-based requirements for each category as set out by CANSA.

The science-based requirements are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they remain up to date. In the event that a product does not meet the criteria, CANSA will approach the manufacturer with regards to possible reformulation of the product.

As part of our quality assurance process, products that have been awarded the CANSA Smart Choice Seal will undergo randomized independent testing and will be monitored for compliance with National label legislation and inappropriate use of the trade mark.

Promotion and Benefit

Consumers have become more health conscious, therefore on shelf identification, as a healthier product option, has become crucial to brand development and essential to brands competing for limited shelf space.

Consumers associate the CANSA Smart Choice Seal with healthy eating and cancer risk reduction, therefore the use of the seal on product packaging and promotional activity will promote and benefit your business by:

  • Demonstrating independent verification of quality
  • Increasing credibility and acceptance with consumers and retailers
  • Demonstrating compliance with the latest local and international standards
    and national label legislation
  • Distinguishing your product as the healthier alternative to the
    competing products
  • Establishing your brand as responsible, health conscious, consumer-centered
  • Utilising the opportunity to host joint promotions with CANSA to educate or
    uplift the community
  • Receiving promotional exposure at and via CANSA eNewsletters

CANSA Seal of Recognition

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Lorinda van Dyk
(CANSA Seal of Recognition Coordinator)
Tel: 073 945 2447

CANSA Seal of Recognition Categories

  • Protection SunSmart
  • Products that offer protection against natural environmental elements that may lead to cancer, such as solar radiation.
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  • Edible Consumer Goods
  • Edible products that may assist in reducing cancer risk and are free of all known toxins, carcinogens, and hormone and / or endocrine disruptors.
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  • Non-Edible Consumer Goods
  • Non-edible products like packaging material, containers and every day household items that do not leach carcinogenic substances into food; or that can be absorbed through the skin; and / or which may be inhaled.
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  • Patient Care
  • Products that contribute to enhancing quality of life, dignity, health, care and support of cancer patients.
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