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Support Groups

CANSA recognises the importance of support groups for cancer Survivors, caregivers and loved ones, and offers them the opportunity to join a caring community, when they join their local CANSA Support Group, or one of CANSA’s online support groups.

Our active Support Groups connect cancer Survivors (patients / those in remission), their loved ones and caregivers with others who have “been there”.

Here members will interact with others who have a real understanding of their life experience, and mutual sharing of coping strategies and valuable information may take place.

Bereavement support is also provided by CANSA.

Support Groups

Face-to-Face or WhatsApp:

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Join a Support Group in Your Area


Email your contact details and the name of the WhatsApp Support Group you would like to join to the Admin of the group:


  • Bereavement Support Group (Gretchen Minnaar)
  • Cancer Caregiver Support Group (Gretchen Minnaar)
  • Newly Diagnosed Support Group (Abeda Steenkamp)


  • CANSA Women with Cancer (Gretchen Minnaar)
  • KANSA Vroue met Kanker (Gretchen Minnaar)
  • Metastatic Breast Cancer – national (Gretchen Minnaar)


  • TBA


  • Ostomy Support Group (Cisca Loggenberg)



  • Metastatic Breast Cancer – Western Cape (Abeda Steenkamp)


  • CANSA Paarl Support Group (Naomi Philander)
  • CANSA Stellenbosch Support Group (Naomi Philander)
  • CANSA Wellington Support Group (Naomi Philander)

West Coast

  • KANSA Darling Omgeegroep (Tanya Johnson)
  • KANSA Malmesbury Omgeegroep (Tanya Johnson)
  • CANSA Vredenburg Support Group (Tanya Johnson)


Men Supporting Men Zoom Support Group

Gretchen Minnaar (Admin)

  • Ben George (cancer Survivor and member of support group shares his story) – 22 March 2023
  • Palliative Care and My Cancer Journey (speaker: Dr Thilo Govender) – 22 February 2023
  • Whytie de Witt (cancer Survivor) will be sharing about his cancer journey – 7 December 2022
  • Shaheed Mahomed (cancer Survivor) shares his story – 8 October 2022
  • Michael Meredith (neuroendocrine lung cancer Survivor, trained counsellor and end of life doula) shares his story – 27 August 2022
  • Meet Xylon van Eyck (cancer Survivor and Iron Man athlete) – 23 July 2022
  • Sharing my Journey and Tips to Cope (with Andreas Kleynhans prostate cancer Survivor) – 25 June 2022
  • Making every Shot Count (with Lincoln Chipembere testicular cancer Survivor) – 28 May 2022
  • Running on the Spot (Kenneth Romaano) – 19 March 2022
  • Launch of Men Supporting Men Support Group – 27 November 2021

CANSA Tele Counselling

CANSA Tele Counselling can be accessed via the CANSA Help Desk on 0800 22 66 22 toll free, to make an appointment with a CANSA counsellor. Or send an email to the Help Desk via – this is a confidential, professional, cancer-related telephonic counselling service to cancer patients, caregivers and their families and parents or guardians of children living with cancer. Counselling is available in seven languages (English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, isiZulu, siSwati, Sesotho and Setswana) and is free of charge.

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CANSA Tele Counselling

 0800 22 6622 Toll Free
 072 197 9305 English and Afrikaans
 071 867 3530 Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho and Siswati


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