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Women’s Health

Facebook Live Session – Living with Breast Cancer

CANSA wants to encourage women with breast cancer to know that they are not alone, they can get through these challenging times and live a full and productive life.

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Published: 22 Oct 2020 | Last Updated: 9 Mar 2021
Categories: CANSA Webinars, I have Cancer, Women's Health

Online Support to Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients

CANSA launches its iSurvivor Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) email support programme as part of breast cancer awareness month in October. In addition to existing online support offerings and ground level support programmes for cancer patients, this programme is aimed at assisting and helping mostly MBC patients with their experienced challenges.

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Published: 22 Oct 2020 | Last Updated: 17 May 2021
Categories: I have Cancer, Media Releases & News, Women's Health

Aanlyn ondersteuning vir Metastatiese Borskanker Pasiënte

English Media Release 28 September 2020 – KANSA stel sy iSurvivor Metastatiese Borskanker (MBK) e-pos ondersteuningsprogram bekend as deel van Borskanker-bewusmakingsmaand in Oktober. Buiten reeds-bestaande aanlyn ondersteuningsdienste en -programme vir kankerpasiënte, is hierdie program meestal daarop gemik om MBK-pasiënte te help met die uitdagings wat hulle ervaar. Gerda Strauss, KANSA se Hoof van Dienslewering sê, […]

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Published: 9 Oct 2020 | Last Updated: 30 Apr 2021
Categories: Women's Health

Slide Show: Top 5 Cancers Affecting SA Women & Metastatic Breast Cancer

Afrikaans version… PDF Read more about reducing cancer risk and Women’s Health…

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Published: 1 Oct 2020 | Last Updated: 5 Nov 2020
Categories: Women's Health

Tips to Cope When Your Cancer has Spread

Dr Inge Kriel an oncology care physician practicing at Netcare Milpark Hospital says that learning that your cancer has spread can be devastating. Dr Kriel provides the following tips to those coping with a diagnosis of metastatic cancer…

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Published: 28 Sep 2020 | Last Updated: 9 Mar 2021
Categories: Beyond Diagnosis & Treatment, I have Cancer, Men's Health, Women's Health

Video: Lymphoedema – Deep Breathing and Lymph Drainage Exercises with Nicole Fuller

Nicole Fuller, Oncology Patient Navigator, breast cancer exercise recovery specialist and motivational speaker shares an introduction to Lymphoedema for breast cancer patients, with deep breathing and lymph drainage exercises.

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Published: 25 Aug 2020 | Last Updated: 9 Mar 2021
Categories: CANSA Webinars, I have Cancer, Women's Health

Radio Spots & Video HelloFCB+: Check for Breast Cancer

Women mostly prioritise others and are always busy juggling multiple roles, but perhaps one of the most important tasks they should busy themselves with, is a breast self-examination!

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Published: 7 Aug 2020 | Last Updated: 10 Feb 2021
Categories: Women's Health

Facebook Live Session Encourages Breast Cancer Survivors

As part of our #CANSACares series in #WomenMonth, a Facebook LIVE session aimed at #breastcancer survivors was held on Friday, 7 August 2020. Watch session…

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Published: 6 Aug 2020 | Last Updated: 9 Mar 2021
Categories: Beyond Diagnosis & Treatment, CANSA Webinars, I have Cancer, Women's Health

Women to Take Time to Exercise Right to Screening

In August, CANSA encourages women to take care of themselves by knowing their bodies, the signs of cancer and taking up their right to cancer screening to promote early detection. #WomensHealth #CANSAscreening #BreastCancer #CervicalCancer #WomensMonth

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Published: 5 Aug 2020 | Last Updated: 22 Jul 2021
Categories: Media Releases & News, Women's Health

Allen Carr’s Easyway Webinar – Dr Charles Nel

It’s the fear of stopping that prevents smokers from succeeding. Give us a proper opportunity to remove that fear and you will stop. If you do not, we will refund your fee. Visit or call 0861 100 200 and view our webinar for World No Tobacco Day…

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Published: 31 May 2020 | Last Updated: 9 Mar 2021
Categories: CANSA Webinars, Men's Health, No-Tobacco Campaign, Women's Health

HPV Viral Before the Internet – 4 March International HPV Awareness Day

4 March is International HPV Awareness Day – #HPV #askaboutHPV #InternationalHPVAwarenessDay

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Published: 4 Mar 2020 | Last Updated: 7 Apr 2020
Categories: Women's Health

Marlene Pretorius Shares her Journey as a Breast Cancer Survivor

My name is Marlene Pretorius, and I am a breast cancer Survivor – why do I say this with a smile? Well, firstly, I survived this dreaded disease, and secondly, when I received an invitation to do a Breast Cancer Survivor Talk, it was the first time that it hit home. After working for CANSA […]

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Published: 22 Oct 2019 | Last Updated: 9 Mar 2021
Categories: Stories of Hope, Women's Health

Dying for Treatment: the Struggle for Affordable Breast Cancer Medicines in SA

Across the world, October is marked as breast cancer month. It is an opportunity to create awareness, educate people and provide support for breast cancer survivors and those close to them. In South Africa, more than 10 dedicated breast cancer organisations do their bit. No other single cancer in South Africa has that dedicated focus, but one of the greatest obstacles facing women with breast cancer is the exorbitant cost of the essential medicines needed to save their lives.

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Published: 19 Oct 2019 | Last Updated: 15 Nov 2019
Categories: Advocacy, Women's Health

Highlighting the Needs of Advanced Breast Cancer Patients

In October CANSA focuses on breast cancer, particularly turning the spotlight on the needs of patients with advanced or metastatic breast cancer (MBC). Breast cancer is the leading cancer affecting women in South Africa. According to the National Cancer Registry, 1 in 27 women are at risk of being diagnosed in their lifetime.

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Published: 26 Sep 2019 | Last Updated: 30 Apr 2021
Categories: Media Releases & News, Women's Health

Thank Goodness CANSA Taught me the Signs!

Thobekile Khuzwayo: “If I had not been exposed to health education materials at CANSA, I would not have known how to do a breast self-examination and get into the habit of doing it regularly.”

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Published: 16 Aug 2019 | Last Updated: 29 Aug 2019
Categories: Women's Health

Breastfeeding Can Reduce Cancer Rates For Both Mothers And Babies

South Africa has some of the lowest exclusive breastfeeding rates in the world in the first 6 months of a baby’s life, according to the World Health Organization, sitting at an estimated 32%. It’s believed that much of this comes down to a lack of knowledge, personal attributes of the mother (including age, education, self-confidence, […]

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Published: 8 Jul 2019 | Last Updated: 9 Mar 2021
Categories: Research Findings, Women's Health

Video: Do your monthly Breast Self-Examination to beat Breast Cancer – CANSA

CANSA urges women to get to know what is normal for their bodies, so that when they do a monthly breast self-examination (BSE), they may detect any changes, signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Get to know the warning signs and symptoms. Watch this educational video that shows women how to perform a BSE. Please share far and wide – it can save a life!

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Published: 19 Mar 2019 | Last Updated: 11 Mar 2021
Categories: Women's Health

SlideShow: Colorectal Cancer

Afrikaans version… Download PDF… Find more information regarding a balanced lifestyle…

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Published: 22 Feb 2019 | Last Updated: 9 Mar 2021
Categories: Balanced Lifestyle, Men's Health, Women's Health

M Store & CANSA Partnership Restoring Femininity, Confidence & Comfort to Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast prostheses, mastectomy bras & lymphoedema products now available at all CANSA Care Centres through new M Store partnership.

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Published: 20 Jan 2019 | Last Updated: 9 Mar 2021
Categories: I have Cancer, Women's Health

What cancer Taught Me by Jacqui Ramage breast cancer Survivor

Breast cancer Survivor Jacqui Ramage (42 yrs) photo-documented her journey from diagnosis through to remission, and wrote this inspiring message about what cancer has taught her.

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Published: 29 Oct 2018 | Last Updated: 9 Mar 2021
Categories: Stories of Hope, Women's Health

Skyfievertoning: Top 5 Kankers wat Vrouens in SA Affekteer & Metastatiese Borskanker

English version PDF Leer meer m.b.t vrouegesondheid en hoe om kanker-risiko te verminder…

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Published: 11 Oct 2018 | Last Updated: 2 Oct 2020
Categories: Women's Health

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