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Research Findings

Leading oncologists and cancer researchers internationally continue to usher in groundbreaking research and we have seen remarkable advances in the field, attracting national and international attention from the scientific community and the media.

Link Between Breast Cancer and Malignant Melanoma

Recent studies have provided evidence of a link between Breast Cancer and Malignant Melanoma. These studies raise the possibility that survivors of one cancer may be prone to developing the other cancer. Read Pubmed Studies… Carriers of mutations in the Breast Cancer Gene have an increased risk of Melanoma, while carriers of mutations in the Melanoma […]

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Published: 8 September 2017
Updated: 9 March 2021
Categories: Research Findings, Types of cancer, Women's Health

Major Finding: Rooibos protects against adverse effects of UVB exposure

From a soothing beverage to beauty elixir, Rooibos tea is one versatile brew. Now researchers have discovered that it can also undo some of the damage caused by the sun’s harmful rays. CANSA is proud to say that we have been involved in partly funding the research. Read about the CANSA Type A project: Chemopreventive potential of Rooibos in skin carcinogenesis

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Published: 7 December 2016
Updated: 9 March 2021
Categories: Research Findings, Research Projects, SunSmart

The Cancer Atlas Website Provides a Global Overview of Cancer Burden

The continuing and escalating global fight against cancer demands new tools and the latest available data and trends. The Cancer Atlas Website and The Cancer Atlas, Second Edition book – produced by the American Cancer Society, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, and the Union for International Cancer Control – provide a comprehensive global […]

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Published: 19 April 2016
Updated: 10 March 2021
Categories: About Cancer, Research Findings, Statistics

CANSA Research Detectives – booklets

These booklets showcase some of the Type A research CANSA has funded. Click on links below to download the booklets: Booklet 1 CANSA Detectives – The very real prospect of eradicating liver cancer in southern Africa – Prof Michael Kew Booklet 2 CANSA Detectives – Tracking the Cervical Cancer Virus in South African Men and […]

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Published: 27 July 2014
Updated: 5 November 2021
Categories: Research Findings

Hubbly Bubbly Study done by 4th year UCT MBChB Students

Hubbly Bubbly: Masquerading the Dangers 18 November 2013 – It’s a centuries-old Eastern practice that’s gained worldwide acceptance in recent years. But the water filter and fruity flavours of the hookah pipe, or hubbly bubbly, mask a toxic cocktail of compounds. These are nicotine, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, arsenic, and lead. Insufficient knowledge about the […]

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Published: 10 January 2014
Updated: 9 March 2021
Categories: CANSA Cape Metro Care Centre, CANSA on the Move for the Youth, No-Tobacco Campaign, Research Findings

Research Findings

Leading oncologists and cancer researchers internationally continue to usher in groundbreaking research and we have seen remarkable advances in the field, attracting national and international attention from the scientific community and the media. This section will keep you up to date with the latest research findings including research reports, summaries, conference reports and posters, research […]

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Published: 26 May 2012
Updated: 20 October 2022
Categories: Research Findings

Liver cancer research – Prof Michael Kew

Booklet 1 – Professor Michael Kew – The very real prospect of eradicating liver cancer in southern Africa

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Published: 24 May 2012
Updated: 16 November 2021
Categories: CANSA Research, CANSA Research Detective booklets, Research Findings, Types of cancer

What`s new in testicular cancer research and treatment?

Important research into testicular cancer is being done in many university hospitals, medical centers, and other institutions around the world. Each year, scientists find out more about what causes the disease, how to prevent it, and how to improve treatment. Recently, researchers have found inherited variations in two genes called c-KIT ligand (KITLG) and sprouty […]

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Published: 29 October 2010
Updated: 12 February 2021
Categories: Research Findings

International Cancer Research Publications

The Journal Cancer Research is published twice a month, one volume/year, by the American Association for Cancer Research. Cancer Research publishes significant, original studies in all areas of basic, clinical, translational, epidemiological, and prevention research devoted to the study of cancer and cancer-related biomedical sciences. Scientific topics include: cell and tumor biology; clinical research; endocrinology; epidemiology; experimental […]

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Published: 3 February 2010
Updated: 8 February 2017
Categories: Research Findings

Latest Findings on Breast Cancer (Research Results)

Breast Cancer – International Research MedlinePlus Health24 BREASTCANCER.ORG CANSA Funded Research on Breast Cancer in South Africa

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Published: 18 December 2009
Updated: 10 September 2012
Categories: Research Findings

Gene ‘Signature’ May Point to Lung Cancer

Discovery could aid in development of simple screening test, expert says In a finding that could lead to a simple blood test to screen for lung cancer, U.S. researchers have identified immune system markers that indicate early-stage lung tumors in people at high risk for lung cancer. The researchers examined gene expression profiles in blood […]

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Published: 2 December 2009
Updated: 12 February 2021
Categories: Research Findings

Global Cancer Statistics

Global cancer statistics are helpful as they provide a global overview of cancer statistics which include those in low- and middle-income countries. The Global Cancer Observatory (GCO) is an interactive web-based platform that provides global cancer statistics to inform cancer control and research. The GCO focuses on the visualization of cancer indicators using data from […]

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Published: 20 October 2009
Updated: 29 March 2022
Categories: Research Findings, Statistics

Bisphenol A in Baby Bottles Project

Babies are exposed to many man-made chemicals such as bisphenol A which may be harmful because they are hormone disrupters and could be risk-factors for breast and prostate cancer in later life. What is Bisphenol A? Bisphenol A (BPA) is a man-made chemical used in the manufacture of certain plastic products. It is ubiquitous in the modern world, cropping up in […]

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Published: 2 October 2009
Updated: 19 February 2021
Categories: Research Findings

Sunbed Use Causes Cancer

Many people think that a tan looks glamorous and will make use of sunbeds to achieve a tanned look. Young people are increasingly being targeted by the beauty industry, with special promotions on sunbed sessions prior to matric dances. Sunbeds have been classified as carcinogenic (causing cancer) to humans. Don’t let the beauty industry or […]

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Published: 5 August 2009
Updated: 20 March 2023
Categories: Research Findings, SunSmart

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