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Type A projects which ended on 31 March 2017

The following Type A projects came to an end on 31 March 2017:

  1. Prof Riana Bornman – University of Pretoria. Biologically relevant genetic markers of prostate cancer risk and aggressive disease within South African men
  2. Dr Adrienne Edkins – Rhodes University. Analysis of stem-cell associated genes in breast cancer as biomarkers and predictors of cancer malignancy
  3. Prof Anthony Figaji – University of Cape Town. Paediatric brain tumours in South Africa
  4. Prof Wentzel Gelderblom – CPUT. Chemopreventive potential of Rooibos in skin carcinogenesis
  5. Prof Lizette Jansen van Rensburg – University of Pretoria. Breast/ovarian cancer susceptibility in South African women: Role of DNA homologous recombination genes
  6. Prof Fourie Joubert – University of Pretoria. An investigation into genetic variation in South African breast cancer patients using genome sequencing
  7. Dr Ben Loos – University of Stellenbosch. The preventative abilities of a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting in relationship to the carcinogenesis of astrocytoma
  8. Prof Jennifer Moodley – University of Cape Town. Pathways to breast cancer presentation
  9. Prof Viness Pillay – WITS. Drug-loaded Nanomicelles Conjugated to Mucin Antibodies for Direct Targeting of Ovarian Cancer Cells Expressing Mucin Antigens
  10. A/Prof Sharon Prince – University of Cape Town. Overexpression of the T-box transcription factor, TBX3, as an early marker of sarcomas
  11. Dr Karl-Heinz Storbeck – University of Stellenbosch. The identification of novel biomarkers for prostate cancer
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