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The Cancer Atlas Website Provides a Global Overview of Cancer Burden

The continuing and escalating global fight against cancer demands new tools and the latest available data and trends. The Cancer Atlas Website and The Cancer Atlas, Second Edition book – produced by the American Cancer Society, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, and the Union for International Cancer Control – provide a comprehensive global […]

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Published: 19 Apr 2016 | Last Updated: 10 Mar 2021
Categories: About Cancer, Research Findings, Statistics

Prevalence Cancer

Global Cancer Statistics Read more… South African Cancer Statistics South Africa’s National Cancer Registry (NCR) first established in 1986 and provides information re SA cancer statistics. The NCR plays a vital role in maintaining and developing national and international awareness re the enormous burden of cancer in our country. CANSA and the SA public rely on statistics provided […]

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Published: 24 May 2012 | Last Updated: 26 Jul 2021
Categories: Statistics

Global Cancer Statistics

Cancer kills more people every year than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. View Global Cancer Obervatory (Globocan) for latest global statistics regarding cancer.

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Published: 20 Oct 2009 | Last Updated: 25 Oct 2021
Categories: Research Findings, Statistics

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