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About Research at CANSA

Through collaborative research, CANSA Research aims to promote and support innovative, effective, and relevant approaches to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, to address the high cancer burden in South Africa.

Researchers include scientists, social scientists, clinicians, epidemiologists, health professionals, and post-graduate students.

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Different Areas of Cancer Research

The term ‘Cancer Research’ covers a wide range of research activities. But, in general, there are five main areas of research. Read more…

CANSA’s Research

CANSA prioritises its research to ensure that all South African communities benefit.

CANSA’s core research focuses on reducing risk, early detection and diagnosis, and optimising patient care and support, including palliation. CANSA uses evidence-based research to inform our advocacy work, our health education programmes, and our service to those living with cancer, their families, and members of the public.

CANSA has three types of Research programmes, called Type A, B, and C Research programmes.

The Type A category is aimed at MBChB and PhD cancer researchers based at South African universities and research organisations. The purpose of this funding is to support high-quality research to advance management and improve outcomes for the most common cancers in South Africa. CANSA often conceptualises our Type B Research projects, although this may be in conjunction with other institutions. These projects focus on looking at ways to reduce public exposure to environmental carcinogens. Our Type C Research projects largely focus on aspects of CANSA patient-orientated services including optimising services to cancer patients and addressing their needs. The research is undertaken to strengthen our health promotion, awareness programmes, and support services based on evidence-based findings relevant to the South African population. Our Type B and C projects support research conducted by post-graduate students with supervision from the host institution. Read more about the Type B and Type C Research projects we currently fund at universities across South Africa here.

Funding CANSA’s Research

CANSA has been fortunate in receiving generous bequests from individual members of the public over the years, specifically for funding cancer research. These funds have been grown with considerable success through excellent investment strategies by financial experts serving CANSA on the CANSA Investment Committee.

Our Progress & Achievements

We are one of the largest funders of cancer research in South Africa and the country’s largest charity dedicated to cancer research. Read the Research sections of our Annual Reports to find out about some of our most important successes, the progress we are making in beating cancer, and the people who make our work possible.

Who and What We Fund

Click here to find out more about the scientists we fund and how their research projects are of value in the struggle against cancer.

Honouring our Researchers

Every three years CANSA honours exceptional individuals who have made a significant contribution towards cancer research.  Read more…

Get Involved with Our Research

Click here to make a secure online donation to support our research projects or make a direct deposit to ABSA Bank, Account: CANSA Research, number: 4079965964, Branch: 632005, Reference: Type A, B or C Research (the programme you choose to support). Please email proof of your deposit to

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