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Our Research Committee

CANSA’s Research Committee comprises of reputable experts in their field of work. They are prepared to volunteer their time and expertise to review applications for funding and decide on research projects to be supported at various academic institutions around the country.

The role of this committee is summarised as follows:

  • Assess research proposals submitted to CANSA and recommend the projects for funding in terms of CANSA`s strategic thrust and agreed funding criteria for research
  • Facilitate the peer review of research proposals
  • Monitor the progress of projects that are funded
  • Review the advocacy agenda and projects proposed by CANSA and advise on advocacy strategies and research
  • Recommend follow-on research projects and health interventions based on the findings of the research projects
  • Advise CANSA on positions and public statements on related health issues as informed by research
  • Propose projects for external funding, local and abroad
  • Propose research-funding partnerships
  • Review research funding protocols and criteria
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