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Research Funding and Grants

Grant Funding Results 2019

Researchers working at academic and research institutions across South Africa applied for research funding for 2019, starting 1 April 2019. They sought support for a variety of cancer research projects – from epidemiology, early diagnosis of cancer, prevention of cancer, optimising patient care, health system research, and research relating to cancer biology/biochemistry/ molecular biology as these relate to early detection, prevention and patient care.

After obtaining local and international peer reviews for all submitted applications, our Research Committee (RESCOM) met on 16 August 2018 to determine the funding allocations for three year grants starting in 2019. Popularity of CANSA funding is growing and thus becoming more competitive and we received an increased number of applications in comparison to recent years. CANSA has committed to funding eight of the sixty two new applications in 2019.

CANSA does not fund any scientific research aimed at developing new anti-cancer medicines but focuses on:

  • Epidemiology and determinants of the burden of cancer in South African populations
  • Health seeking behaviours and early detection and diagnosis of cancer
  • Health promotion and risk reduction of cancer, with a particular focus on behavioural risk reduction
  • Optimal patient care including rehabilitation and palliative care services
  • Other health services and health system research relating to the above categories
  • Health economics of cancer, including economic burden of cancer and its risk factors, and cost effectiveness research
  • Research relating to cancer biology/biochemistry/molecular biology as these relate to early detection, risk reduction and patient care

Researchers are encouraged to also approach the Medical Research CouncilNational Research FoundationDepartment of Science & Technology and overseas sources for cancer research funds.

Download a list of:

Read about projects currently funded by CANSA.


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