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CANSA on Efficacy of Sunscreen Available in South Africa



31 August 2012 – Since 2005 all sunscreen bearing the CSOR had to have a sun protection factor (SPF) of 20 minimum and 50 maximum. It had to provide broad-spectrum protection against UVA & UVB in a ratio of 0.4/1; meet sunscreen standards as determined by the SABS i.e. SANS 1557 and regulations as determined by the Cosmetics, Toiletries, and Fragrance Association (CTFA).

New Harmonized COLIPA (EU) UVA Protection Claim

Recent skin cancer research has highlighted the need for more effective UVA protection provided by sunscreen in terms of the mean critical UVA wavelength; UVA Protection Factor (UVAPF) and photostability of sunscreen chemicals – as determined by the new Harmonized Colipa (EU) UVA Protection Claim – currently the most stringent standard for sunscreen protection internationally. Whilst EU sunscreen manufacturers are compelled to be Colipa compliant, several proactive South African companies have also reformulated their sunscreen – and many other local companies are in the process of doing so.

All CANSA Seal-bearing sunscreens will be COLIPA-compliant by 1st April 2013 and will display the new CANSA SunSmart logo to show this. Read more about this and view list of COLIPA-compliant sunscreens available in SA.

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