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CANSA Welcomes Flatdog Bodyguard Sunscreen

2 July 2024 –  CANSA is proud to announce Flatdog Bodyguard Sunscreen as a new partner under the CANSA Seal of Recognition (CSOR) Smart Choice Protection category. Flatdog Bodyguard Sunscreen joins an esteemed group of products that align with CANSA’s mission to reduce cancer risk.

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Kudzai Nyaruve, CANSA Seal of Recognition Coordinator, commented on the partnership: “We’re thrilled to welcome Flatdog Bodyguard Sunscreen to the CANSA Seal of Recognition Protection category. This product, with its eco-friendly formulation, is biodegradable and free from coral-killing chemicals and endocrine disruptor Ultraviolet (UV) blockers. It aligns perfectly with our goal of promoting lifestyle choices that can lower cancer risk while being mindful of our environmental footprint. As we all work towards addressing the risks associated with climate change, it’s crucial to support products that offer effective protection without compromising the health of our planet.”

Manufactured locally for Norsouth Trading (Pty) Ltd, Flatdog Bodyguard Sunscreen offers 100% natural Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 50 protection that is water-resistant, vegan-friendly and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, children and babies, and those who prefer eye-friendly formulations. This zinc and mineral-based sunscreen has been meticulously developed to be kind not only to users but also to the environment, particularly in terms of protecting coral reefs and the marine environment.

Norsouth Trading’s, Hayley Sheppard, says “Environmental sustainability is a key driver for us, which is why we developed the Flatdog Bodyguard sunscreen range. Through our unique ‘MicroBarrierTech™’ manufacturing process, we’ve developed a world-class formulation in the mineral-based sunscreen category, which is accredited to CANSA Smart Choice and EU COLIPA standards. The water-resistant SPF 50 sunblock provides a chemical-free, environmentally friendly, skin nourishing sunscreen with high (UVA) blocking capacity, preventing pre-mature skin ageing and damage.”

Flatdog Bodyguard Sunscreen qualifies for the CANSA Seal of Recognition as it’s a broad-spectrum UVA and Ultraviolet (UVB) sunscreen, with one of the highest ratios of UVA to UVB blocking capacity found in any sunscreen, protecting against both UVB sunburn and UVA-induced skin cancer. UVA and UVB rays both contribute to skin cancer and can cause damage to the eyes such as eyelid cancer and cataracts. UVA rays have a longer wavelength and are less intense than UVB but penetrate the skin more deeply and are linked to skin ageing. In comparison, UVB rays have a shorter wavelength and penetrate the outer layers of the skin and are linked to sunburn, suntan, skin burning and in severe cases blisters.

“As CANSA, we remind consumers to continue to be sun smart throughout the year, no matter the weather conditions. Although UV rates are lower in the colder months, sun damage is still a risk during Winter. The Smart Choice programme is part of an ongoing effort by CANSA to lower exposure to carcinogens and other risk factors associated with cancer development. We aim to promote leading a smart, balanced lifestyle using the CANSA Smart Choice Seal as a tool to assist the public in making informed choices,” concluded Nyaruve.

By choosing Flatdog Bodyguard Sunscreen, consumers can be confident they are making a smart choice for their skin and the environment. Currently available through several independent retailers in the Cape Town area, Flatdog Bodyguard can also be purchased online at

(For more information, contact Lucy Balona, Head of Marketing and Communication at CANSA at email Call 011 616 7662 or mobile 082 459 5230.)

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