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CANSA Endorses SunKin Apparel for Kids

SunKin is more than just a collection of brightly coloured, spirited, and beautifully crafted apparel for children; it is a commitment to prioritizing sun safety above all else. Created with a deep love for family and the endless joys of sun-soaked, ice cream-filled summer days, SunKin ensures that little adventurers can enjoy extended outdoor play long after the season has turned. Recognized with the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) Smart Choice Seal, parents can now rest assured that children wearing SunKin garments and accessories are fully protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

“Most of us are aware of the necessity of habitual sunscreen application, but clothing will always be the first line of defence,” SunKin founder Dee Coetzer explains. “What is less known is that harmful UV rays will still penetrate through most clothing throughout the year. Shockingly, according to the US Skin Cancer Foundation, the average white T-shirt available in our stores for kids has a UPF rating of just 7.”*

The CANSA Smart Choice Seal guarantees SunKin products fulfil the cancer watchdog’s ‘protection category’ requirements. These products offer protection against natural environmental elements that may lead to cancer, specifically solar radiation. SunKin’s Natural Defence UPF50+ materials offer the highest achievable sun protection rating for fabrics and have been certified through laboratory testing to block 98% of the sun’s harmful Ultraviolet rays.

A former Londoner with impressive fashion credentials as a designer, buyer and industry all-rounder, Dee made Cape Town her home several years ago. She was inspired to build the SunKin brand in direct response to her quest to find suitably protective but also beautiful, wearable and locally made clothing for her own two children. “I’d become increasingly concerned about the effects of the sun on my face and hands after moving to South Africa from the UK.”

For a busy mum, knowing her children would be adequately protected from the sun while playing outside meant one less thing to worry about. With most UV-protective clothing options focused solely on beachwear, Dee took it upon herself to create a collection that spoke to her innate sense of style and drew on her industry know-how. Following intensive research, prototyping and testing, SunKin came into being in November 2023, launching a core range of sun-safe basics loved by kids and parents alike.

The SunKin wardrobe comprises a covetable range of easy-to-wear, gender-neutral tees, shorts, joggers, dungarees, and accessories for two to nine-year-olds. It is a treasure trove of colourful year-round classics. These garments can be layered, lived in, shared, and passed down. This aspect makes them as sustainable as they are protective. It’s the ultimate capsule collection of comfortable, practical basics, designed with an eye for detail in a palette of meltingly delicious gelato hues, vibrant stripes, and cheeky tiger prints.

With an aversion to synthetic fibres and chemical-coated fabrics, Dee was determined to find a more natural route, deciding to source her cotton knits exclusively from local mills. Soft, gentle on the skin and breathable, SunKin fabrics comprise a minimum of 95% cotton with a touch of elastane incorporated for the extra comfort, give and shape-retention it provides.

Dee is a champion of sustainable practices, crafting her garments in small batches using local factories and specialist home industries in line with her slow, responsible fashion ethos. All SunKin clothing—from short and long-sleeved tees to cute-as-a-button shortarees and full-length dungarees—is gender neutral, which means ease of sharing, and handing down, previously worn pieces, leading ultimately to less landfill waste. “Our philosophy is to buy well, wear well, and extend the life of your garments—and your skin,” Dee adds.

Versatile and comfortable, designed for running wild and enduring tree climbs, bike rides, and multiple washes, the SunKin collection offers a range of cool, wearable garments, sun hats, and sun blankets that prioritize sun protection. In other words, SunKin has kids’ sun-care needs covered.


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