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Research Findings

Type A projects which ended on 31 March 2018

Type A projects which ended on 31 March 2018

The following Type A projects came to an end on 31 March 2018:

  1. Prof Ans Baeyens – University of the Witwatersrand. Genetic screening of triple negative and young breast cancer patients in South Africa
  2. Prof Sinead Delany-Moretlwe – University of the Witwatersrand. Factors associated with anogenital HPV infection and disease prevalence, incidence, persistence: a prospective cohort study
  3. Prof Farai Nyabadza – Stellenbosch University. Predictive models for HIV related Lymphomas
  4. Prof Maritha Kotze – Stellenbosch University. Establishing a cancer genomics registry to support the implementation of personalised medicine
  5. Prof Anna Kramvis – University of the Witwatersrand. Functional Characterization of PRE-S1/PRE-S2 deletion mutants of Hepatitis B Virus isolated from Southern African HCC and HIV patients
  6. Prof Ann Louw – Stellenbosch University. Chemopreventive and/or chemotherapeutic action of a Cyclopia extract in rat models of breast cancer
  7. Dr Georgia Schäfer – University of Cape Town. The impact of Ephrin Receptor A2 polymorphisms on KSHV infectivity and Kaposi’s Sarcoma incidence and severity in HIV/AIDS patients in South Africa


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