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The Hollard DareDevil is Coming to Your Hood this October

22 August 2023 – South African men and boys urged to run cancer “outta your hood” in aid of prostate and testicular cancer awareness. 

Don’t be alarmed when you see groups of men and boys running around your neighbourhood in purple speedos in October. Better yet, get involved. This run with a difference that makes a difference is the annual Hollard Daredevil Run and it’s coming to your kasi, your hood, your campus, and your street on Friday, 13 October.

For the third consecutive year, this 5km run  is open to participants throughout the country, with the main event taking place at Zoo Lake in Johannesburg as per tradition.

With the event becoming a national phenomenon, more men and boys in areas throughout the country will experience the thrill of feel good through doing good. It also leads to better futures, as awareness about male cancers becomes more widespread, through generous media coverage.

Early detection of both prostate and testicular cancer can save lives, with the survival rate in men whose prostate cancer is detected early enough being 95%, and early-stage testicular cancer being greater than 95%.

Last year’s Hollard Daredevil Run saw 4 502 tickets being sold, and 428 satellite runs taking place around the country. In addition to these participants, thousands more watched, supported or heard about these brave daredevils, broadening awareness even further. The 2022 Hollard Daredevil Run also raised the most amount ever towards male cancer awareness, with a total of R 700 000.

All proceeds from the Hollard Daredevil Run go to the Cancer Association of South Africa and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa, to fund screening in under-resourced areas and increase awareness, support and research.

Hollard’s objective this year is to achieve the biggest and bravest Hollard Daredevil run ever. So, play your part and register to run “cancer outta your hood” alone, with friends or neighbours or with teams from your school, university, work, running club or gym.

Entries can be purchased from Ticketpro at a cost of R180 which includes your Hollard Daredevil purple speedo and funky purple shoelaces, couriered directly to you.

Remember to check the Hollard Daredevil Run Facebook page to find out where other brave daredevils might be gathering in your hood.

For more information, follow Daredevil Run on Facebook.

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