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Testicular Cancer

The lifetime risk for Testicular Cancer in men in South Africa, is 1 in 1 578, according to the 2019 National Cancer Registry.

Most Testicular Cancers can be detected early – a lump or swelling may be the first sign that a medical practitioner should be consulted.

Reduce Risk Through Self-Examination

It’s important for young men to start testicular self-examinations soon after puberty.

Men from the age 15 to 49 years need to examine their testicles each month, preferably after a bath or shower, to feel for any pea-sized lumps that could indicate Testicular Cancer.

Learn more about Testicular Cancer, symptoms, screening, self-examination and reducing risk:

2014 Mens HealthTesticular - ...

How to do a Testicular Self-Examination… – source self exam graphic:

Diagnosis & Support

If you have been diagnosed with testicular cancer, please contact your local CANSA Care Centre so that our staff can offer you and your loved ones care & support, including medical equipment hire, wigs, counselling, support groups, online support groups and resources, as well as CANSA Care Homes where patients receiving treatment far from home can stay during treatment.

Staff can also help guide you through the public health care system.

Testi-monials to Encourage Men to Talk Balls – for their Health

Testi-monials, a campaign created by FCB Cape Town for CANSA which is setting out to remove the awkwardness around talking about testicular cancer, and drive awareness about how important it is that men not only talk balls but take care of them too.

The campaign features testicles giving their own testi-monials about cancer and how they have been personally affected. They will give advice on how to self-examine and help detect signs and symptoms. Read more…

Testi-monials will live on where people can ask the campaign’s testi-ambassador their health related questions, including:

  • How is testicular cancer diagnosed?
  • What are the treatments for testicular cancer?
  • What are the symptoms of testicular cancer?
  • And many other pertinent questions relating to testicular cancer…

The testi-ambassador will give it to you straight, so there’s no need to beat around the bush.

Back to Normal – Award winning ‘Boys’ back in new campaign for CANSA:

In June 2016 the CANSA Testi-monial video won a Silver Cannes Lions Award and in August, the video won three local Loerie Awards. The Loeries are awards granted locally for local advertising excellence in South Africa.

Loeries were awarded in the following categories:

  • Gold Loerie: Digital & Interactive – Social Media
  • Craft Gold Loerie: Digital Crafts – Animation
  • Silver Loerie: Digital & Interactive – Microsite

November 2017 – FCB Cape Town receives recognition for CANSA Testi-monial campaign at 2017 Care Awards…

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