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CANSA Research Fundraising Project

Research Driving Health Education & Advocacy

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CANSA ensures that the scientific findings and knowledge gained from our research, realign our advocacy focus (our watchdog role), to strengthen our health and care & support programmes, to the greater benefit of the public.

The most cost effective long-term strategy for cancer control, is to help reduce the cancer risk through education and early detection.

CANSA focusses on increasing public awareness efforts regarding an improved lifestyle – aspects related to a healthy diet, minimising exposure to environmental carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) and maintaining regular physical activity. CANSA also provides cancer screening.

CANSA spends approximately R12 million annually in total on research – the scientific findings and knowledge gained from our research are used to:

  • Add to global knowledge on cancer
  • Realign our health programmes
  • Vitalise our role in education and legislation to lower the cancer risk
  • Determine our advocacy role
  • Strengthen our watchdog role
  • Identify which products qualify for our Seal of Recognition to enable the public to make informed choices, thereby reducing their cancer risk

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