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CANSA Asks – Do You Read Labels on Food Products and Other Items?

12 August 2021 – CANSA marks 90 years in August and as part of the celebrations, is proud to announce that its Seal of Recognition Programme is revitalised to further benefit consumers by helping to educate them to make smart, informed choices when purchasing products and to help lower cancer risk.

Megan Pentz-Kluyts, Nutrition and Dietetics consultant to CANSA, “The CANSA Seal of Recognition was launched in the early 2000’s aiming to promote a smart, balanced lifestyle using the CANSA Smart Choice Seal on products. Seeing the Seal on specific items (that qualify) encourages you to read the product label and make informed choices. Although price and quality are important factors, consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious, demanding healthy products and easy ways to identify them. New user-friendly images represent the five Seal Categories on products to make it easier for consumers to identify as a smart choice. The categories are protection, edible consumer goods, non-edible consumer goods, patient care and now an additional category, physical activity, has been added. It’s easy for consumers to be overwhelmed with all the products available, and this is where the Seal can make a difference in helping consumers to choose healthier product options, ultimately lowering their cancer risk. The Seal section of the website is also upgraded to showcase Seal products more effectively.”

The Seal programme is a unique CANSA offering and first of its kind. The National Department of Health granted CANSA permission to act as the endorsing body for the CANSA Seal of Recognition programme which is only awarded to products that have met the criteria (undergone testing at and independent laboratory; comply with National Standards (SANS) or similar International Standards (ISO) and strict evidence-based requirements for each category). Furthermore, science-based requirements are reviewed regularly. If the product does not meet the criteria, CANSA liaises with the manufacturer about possible reformulation.

“The use of the CANSA Smart Choice Seal on packaging and promotional activity promotes and benefits products by demonstrating independent verification of quality. It further increases credibility and acceptance with consumers and retailers and distinguishes them as healthier alternatives to competing products. Having the Seal establishes the brand as responsible, health-conscious and consumer-centred,” adds Pentz-Kluyts.

Seal Categories:

Protection – these are products offering protection against natural environmental elements that may lead to cancer (solar radiation, contaminated water and air pollution). Includes sunscreens, UV-protective garments and apparel, sunglasses, shade items, solar and other radiation warning devices.

Edible Consumer Goods – Edible products that may assist in reducing cancer risk, free of all known carcinogens, toxins, hormones, and / or endocrine disruptors. Includes dairy products, plant foods, meat, poultry, fish, healthy fats and oils, nuts, seeds and beverages.

Non-Edible Consumer Goods – Non-edible consumer products that don’t contain carcinogenic, hormone disruptive, or toxic substances that can be absorbed through the skin, inhaled or leach into food. Includes food preparation devices, containers, cosmetics, toiletries, sanitary products and household cleaning agents.

Patient Care – Products that may enhance the quality of life, dignity, health, care and support of cancer patients and survivors and are free of all known cancer causing and hormone disruptive chemicals.

Physical Activity – CANSA aims to partner with organisations, exercise programmes and equipment that can help support the recommended physical activity guidelines, as there is evidence to suggest that physical activity helps to lower cancer risk.

Pentz-Kluyts, concludes, “We’re delighted to add this new category of physical activity which helps promotes activity which is part of leading a balanced lifestyle. All these categories provide the opportunity to host joint promotions with CANSA to educate and / or uplift communities.”

Those who would like to apply to have the CANSA Seal of Recognition on their product(s) and help the public lower their cancer risk, may apply online or email


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(For more information, please contact Lucy Balona, Head: Marketing and Communication at CANSA at email Call 011 616 7662 or mobile 082 459 5230.)

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