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CANSA and Glen Rooibos Tea Make it Official

Afrikaanse Persvrystelling

14 June 2016 – It makes perfect sense for CANSA to team up with Unilever’s Glen Rooibos Tea with the many well-researched health benefits that Rooibos provides.

Glen Rooibos Tea

CANSA has announced that Glen Rooibos Tea is its official rooibos tea suplier. This will see Glen Rooibos Tea being supplied to CANSA’s 30 Care Centres that include 11 Care Homes, and other facilities. Glen Rooibos Tea will also be the official supplier for this year’s Cuppa For CANSA campaign.

Reducing Risk

Says CANSA CEO Elize Joubert: “We know that the risk of between 30 and 40% of cancers may be reduced through lifestyle factors including diet and exercise. CANSA officially recognises rooibos as a source that may reduce risk. We are fortunate that rooibos is indigenous to South Africa, making it affordable and easily accessible.”

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Glen post

Glen Tea has been a favourite in South African homes for more than 70 years. Unilever then extended their Glen range to include a rooibos offering. “Our rooibos tea fits in naturally with what our Glen Tea brand has stood for throughout its history: bringing people together, sharing each other’s company, conversation and laughter,” says Anthony Joseph, Unilever’s Shopper and Customer Marketing Lead, “We believe that rooibos tea, with its extensive health benefits, aligns perfectly with CANSA’s continuous promotion of a healthy lifestyle as a means to help reduce the risk of cancer.”

About Rooibos Tea

Some of the phenomenal health benefits of rooibos tea, which have been identified through research include:

  • The potent anti-oxidants contained in rooibos tea fight free radicals that contribute to cancer and heart disease. Free radicals can damage the DNA of cells, but anti-oxidants bind to the free radicals and inactivate them before they can cause any further damage.
  • Rooibos also increases the anti-oxidant status of the liver and stimulates the liver enzymes that break down cancer-causing substances (carcinogens) in the body.
  • The daily consumption of rooibos helps to hydrate the body, may help decrease blood cholesterol levels, protect the liver, support healthy skin and ease numerous skin diseases.
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