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All Aboard for CANSA 90th – Peter Mukheli CANSA CFO and Board Member

Peter Mukheli CANSA CFO

Peter Mukheli, CANSA CFO and Board member: “My message to CANSA is to continue to grow its support services, as this makes a tangible impact on communities, and to enable more awareness of cancer.”


What is your key message that you would like to share about CANSA’s 90-year anniversary?

My message for CANSA is to grow its support services as this are making an impactful realistic in communities, and to also to expand the research portfolio by attracting more local and international partners.

What service do you think CANSA should expand on in the next 10 years?

CANSA must be intent on expanding support and education.

Which part of CANSA’s service do you admire the most – research, educate, or support?

The support services is very close to my heart, as it is making a tangible impact in communities.

What is your leadership style?

I prefer a consultative leadership. I believe that through consultations you can secure meaningful solutions.

What is your motivation to serve CANSA?

A drive to make an impactful difference. I chose CANSA, because I wanted to be part of making a positive impact and progress in the fight against cancer.

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