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All Aboard for CANSA 90th – Judge Dhaya Pillay CANSA Board Member

Judge Dhaya Pillay

Judge Dhaya Pillay, Board member: “I serve on the Board of CANSA because of its universal appeal as an organisation committed to the service of vulnerable people. As a judge, I am cautious about the organisations I associate myself with. Serving with like-minded people selflessly committed to the highest ethical standards, reassures me that this is where I want to be.”


What is your key message that you would like to share about CANSA’s 90-year anniversary?

I serve on the Board of CANSA because of its universal appeal as an organisation committed to service of vulnerable people.

What service do you think CANSA should expand on in the next 10 years?

I think we should concentrate on improving what we currently do. The demand for support services will increase as public health services shrink.

Which part of CANSA’s service do you admire the most – research, educate, or support?

All of the above because they are interdependent. However, support services brings us to the coalface of humanity, the point at which intellect gives way to the heart…

What is your leadership style?

I aim to cultivate consensus and collective action and responsibility. Mostly I prefer to lead from behind to encourage others to grow. If needs be, I do lead from the front.

What is your motivation to serve CANSA?

We chose each other. There is no greater reward than to be of service. Most of my life has been in service, starting as an activist mobilising and organising communities in the struggle against apartheid.

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