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Stoma Care & Support

Do you or a loved one have a stoma? Do you need support? CANSA can help….

Specialist care is offered at our CANSA Care Centres and involves addressing complications resulting from cancer treatment, such as the need to have a stoma (colostomy, urostomy or ileostomy).

It can take a while for a patient to adapt to living with a stoma, this is not an easy process, so it is important to seek support and guidance.

We offer pre- and post-operative counselling, as well as support groups via our Stoma Clinics and specially trained nursing staff. Advice is given to patients & families and they are empowered with coping skills to deal with living with a stoma day-to-day. We also offer the sale of cost effective stoma products.

Purchase Stoma Products and Accessories

  • All stoma products, accessories and linen savers can be purchased at reduced prices at most local CANSA Care Centres and from our hubs in Pretoria and Cape Town.
  • Products can be couriered to your door or the closest CANSA Care Centre.
  • Medical aid and cash clients are catered for.

CANSA provides stock of the biggest stoma brands and guarantees the lowest prices, professional assistance and speedy delivery.

We are a proud partner of Vera SA Ostomy Underwear, and stock their products at our Care Centres in Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Durban and Cape Town. Vera SA is giving CANSA 25% of sales done through CANSA.

NB: Where a CANSA Care Centre is not equipped to provide the above-mentioned service, patients will be referred to reliable service providers in their local community.

Our CANSA Stoma Clinics may be contacted for advice:

  • CANSA Cape Metro Care Centre – Tel: 021 689 5347, address: 7 Dunbar Avenue, Athlone
  • CANSA Pretoria Care Centre – Tel: 012 329 3036, address: 32 Lys Street, Rietfontein

Tele Stoma Support

Stoma-specific tele counselling is provided to the public. Appointments may be made on 0800 22 66 22 or email 

What is a Stoma?

If a patient has a colostomy or ileostomy operation as part of treatment, the end of the bowel is brought out into an opening on the abdomen. The opening is referred to as a stoma.

Stoma types include: colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy.

Some people have a temporary colostomy (an artificial opening into the colon), made during their treatment for bowel cancer. The colostomy is closed a few months later when the bowel has fully healed.

Some people have a permanent colostomy or ileostomy (artificial opening into the ilium or small bowel).

Stoma Care

The colostomy bag is designed to stick onto the abdomen where it collects the faeces and flatus from the stoma. It is waterproof so one can wear it while showering or bathing.

Most colostomy bags have several special features including a filter – which works by releasing flatus so the bag does not inflate (which is called ‘ballooning’).

The filter also has a deodorising action to make sure there is no smell, which is one of the things people worry about the most.


Fact Sheets:

It’s NOT the End of the Road

Faizel Jacobs, cancer Survivor, with support from CANSA and stoma nurses, is able to live life to the full:

Support Resources for cancer Survivors & Loved Ones

Find additional online resources for cancer Survivors (anyone who has heard the words ‘you have cancer’) or loved ones, and about coping with cancer.

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