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Video Prostate Screening: CANSA Says Don’t Fear the Finger

CANSA raises awareness of prostate cancer, the most common male cancer globally and locally and showing significant increases. According to the National Cancer Registry, South African men have a 1:19 risk for being diagnosed in their lifetime. International and local research indicates that the risk for aggressive prostate cancer is higher in black men.

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) blood tests are available at CANSA Care Centres countrywide to help detect prostate abnormalities early. CANSA advises men to talk with a doctor or the local health facility about screening tests, beginning at 40 for men with a first-degree relative diagnosed at an early age and at 45 for all other men. The PSA blood tests in combination with a digital rectal examination (DRE) are optimal for screening for prostate cancer. #CANSAscreening

Pharmacy at Spar is excited to launch its new partnership with CANSA offering cancer risk-reduction screenings at selected Pharmacy at Spar branches nationwide. Professional nursing staff will provide a PSA-test special (R150) in November as part of CANSA’s Men’s Health campaign. PSA testing is also available at public health care centres.

“Encourage your loved ones, family and friends to take care of their health and to get screened. Early detection can save your life. Watch the new Hello FCB video in collaboration with CANSA, to help promote awareness and get men to realise the importance of early detection.

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