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Video: Prof Jeffrey Gershenwald on Melanoma

Video: Prof Jeffrey Gershenwald on Melanoma

We interviewed Prof Jeffrey Gershenwald, who is Professor of Surgery in the Department of Surgical Oncology and a Professor in the Department of Cancer Biology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center (MD Anderson) in Houston, Texas, as well as Medical Director of the MD Anderson Melanoma and Skin Center.  He is also co-leader of the Melanoma Moon Shot.

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1. Tell us more about melanoma

2. Who is at risk for developing melanoma?

3. What role does sun exposure play in the development of melanoma?

4. What is the Melanoma Moon Shot and what is the focus of the programme?

5. What can South Africans do to reduce their risk of developing skin cancer?

6. How can legislation assist in reducing cancer risk?


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