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Ricardo Warrior – WarriorRic to Inspire & Motivate on Instagram

Ricardo Warrior – WarriorRic to Inspire & Motivate on Instagram

CANSA is excited to host Ricardo Warrior: WarriorRic (aka Ricardo Gressel), who is set to motivate those affected by cancer this Thursday at 10:00 on Instagram. The theme will be ‘ Getting to Know Ourselves Better through Lockdown for a Better Post-COVID World’. This will be the second session in a series of regular, weekly CANSA Cares lunchtime webinars hosted on CANSA’s social media platforms.


Ricardo is a highly acclaimed international speaker, MC and facilitator. He’s a popular brand spokesperson and public speaker with vast international experience, local knowledge, eloquence and a commanding presence that inspires even the ‘change averse’ – a Stanford University graduate from the US residing in South Africa for over 20 years, also well known as chief inspirer of the Warrior Race, now in its 8th year. WarriorRic helps individuals and companies create, develop and align vision and values to live out their personal and organisational brands.

Ricardo Warrior: WarriorRic’s presence in digital media has begun to flourish. He initiated a Warm Up with WarriorRic Motivational Mondays audio podcast on More recently, due to Lockdown, he has leveraged Instagram Live Chats with guests called What’s Up Warrior: Conversations for a Post Covid World. M-F at 8am. IG account: @thewarriorric


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