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Compassionhat Partners with CANSA

4 February 2020Compassionhat, headwear designed specifically for cancer Survivors, was awarded the CANSA Seal of Recognition status as a CANSA Smart Choice product aimed at improving quality of life and dignity.

Sue Richards, owner of Compassionhats, says, “The loss of hair, a side effect of chemotherapy, can be traumatic for cancer patients leading to a decline in dignity, identity and self-esteem. And so Compassionhat was inspired by and created in loving memory of my sister, Yolanda Rackham as an affordable alternative to wigs.”

Yolanda was diagnosed with acute leukaemia and like many cancer patients had to face hair loss. After noticing her sister’s decline in mood and self-esteem after losing her hair, Sue created the hats as a home project to give back her sister’s dignity as she could not find any headwear in South Africa specifically designed for cancer patients.

What makes these Hats so Unique?

Lorinda Van Dyk, CANSA’s Seal of Recognition Coordinator, added, “We’re so glad to award the CANSA Smart Choice Seal as the hats positively help improve the quality of life of cancer Survivors and enhance dignity. The affordable hats were also tested for sun protection properties and the results showed a protection factor greater than 50 (UPF 50+). However, we still recommend taking extra care when outdoors in direct sunlight for the areas not covered by the hat (face, ears or neck) and applying sunscreen regularly.”

The hats are uniquely designed to fit a head with little to no hair and designed to cover the entire natural hairline to make hair loss less obvious. It also traps hair inside for easy collection caused by falling hair. The custom colours and prints give patients fashionable, unique options to style themselves and feel beautiful.

Great care is taken when selecting the fabric for the hats and the cotton lycra fabric used for manufacturing is breathable, soft, thermo dynamic (cool in summer and hot in winter) and is free of harmful chemicals or dyes to ensure that the sensitive skin (as result of chemotherapy) is not irritated or sensitised.

Compassionhat are available for purchase online at or can be purchased at CANSA’s Care Centres countrywide from March 2020.

(For more information, please contact Lucy Balona, Head: Marketing and Communication at CANSA at email Call 011 616 7662 or mobile 082 459 5230.)


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