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CANSA Supports MERAN’s Presentation to KZN Legislature (Health Portfolio Committee): Cancer Crisis in KZN

30th May 2017: The KZN Health Portfolio Committee will be meeting in Pietermaritzburg.

MERAN (Medical Rights Advocacy Network) have been invited to present at this meeting and engage on the ongoing unacceptable state of cancer care in KZN, and find ways to address these challenges.

They have invited Cancer Alliance to prepare a submission as part of MERAN’s presentation, and the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) has been afforded the opportunity to share our portfolio of evidence relating to KZN treatment access and patient experiences.

Cara Noble (Divisional Services Manager: KZN) and Lisa Strydom (Divisional Manager: KZN) will be there to represent CANSA and the Cancer Alliance, and they will be attending along with cancer Survivors.

Representatives from CHOC will also be present at the meeting.

This will be the start of an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders and an opportunity to work together to find solutions to the challenging problems facing KZN healthcare delivery. Read memorandum for details…

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