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CANSA Joins LocumBase at SAPHEX 2023 to Offer Free Screening to Medical Professionals

20 February 2023 – Medical professionals like the rest of the general population, need reminding that early detection saves lives. Many lead busy lifestyles and fall into the routine and rigmarole of taking care of others’ needs before their own. 

LocumBase in partnership with CANSA will give medical professionals the opportunity to get screened for breast cancer, access to the CANSA FotoFinder™ which will help screen skin risk factors as well as an opportunity to take a one-on-one lifestyle risk assessment, all facilitated by  specialised registered nurses from CANSA. 

These services will be offered FREE of any charges at SAPHEX 2023, stand C27.  

Both exhibitors are committed to ensuring that medical professionals remain in good health and well-being in order to be of service to their patients. 

Lorraine Govender, CANSA National Manager in Health Promotion invites all medical professionals attending SAPHEX 2023 to come to the screening facility sponsored by LocumBase and adds; “Early detection and regular screenings are among the factors of finding cancer early when it is small and easier to treat. We are proud to help and support the medical community who are at the forefront of saving lives and complement the work we do at CANSA.” 

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. One of the main functions of the skin is protection. It protects the body from external factors such as bacteria, chemicals, and temperature. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that over 1.5 million skin cancers were diagnosed in 2020 with 120 000 deaths also reported for the same year.

Following the release of The World Cancer Research Fund, skin cancer is the most common cancer worldwide and in the top 5 cancers amongst men. 

Closer to home, South Africans experience one of the highest monitored ultraviolet (UV) levels in the world resulting in one of the highest skin cancer rates globally.

This means that we need constant reminders to look after our skin and be aware of the ABCDE warning signs. To help bring this screening opportunity to more people, CANSA will have their unique FotoFinder™ at SAPHEX this year. Aside from this, we encourage you to observe the following points in order to lower your risk:

  • Avoid direct sunlight between 10h00 – 16h00
  • Cover up by wearing thickly-woven hats with wide brims and loose-fitting clothes, made of tightly-woven fabric, that will block out harmful UV rays
  • Always apply sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 20 and 50 or SPF of 30 to 50 for very fair skin types
  • Avoid sunlamps and tanning beds

“We want our medical professionals to remain healthy, happy  and control their skilled hours. As the only automated, online Locum booking platform in South Africa, we are as strong as the workforce of medical professionals available to service our fellow South Africans. It is crucial that we not only create awareness but bring practical screening and prevention tools to the doorstep of our medical professionals.” echoes the Head of Marketing, Communications and Partnerships at LocumBase, Jovana Harkhu.

The ongoing partnership with CANSA started in 2022, when LocumBaseVETS a division of LocumBase, provided free breast cancer screenings and lifestyle risk assessments to veterinary professionals who attended the bi-annual South African Veterinary Congress 2022. 

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SAPHEX is the largest gathering of general practitioners, pharmacy and nursing professionals in South Africa and have an annual event to bring the latest information, technology and services to the medical community. 

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