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Cancer Dojo Encourages Resilience in Cancer Patients during COVID-19 with Free App

South Africans are resilient and, when times get tough, they come together to assist others in need. But, during these uncertain times, the most vulnerable require our support more than ever. As such, Cancer Dojo, an award-winning mobile app and organisation dedicated to helping cancer patients better deal with their recovery, is on a mission to empower those who are now also facing the challenges of COVID-19.

To do this Cancer Dojo, in partnership with The Sanlam Group, has enabled its CANSA approved app to be entirely free for the months of May and June 2020.

Cancer Dojo is the brainchild of cancer survivor and international award-winning Creative Director, Conn Bertish. Bertish explains, “Cancer patients are not traditionally given a role in their own healing, which can lead to depression and an even more compromised immune system. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, those living with cancer are not only more susceptible to the virus but also run the risk of being impacted psychologically from the increased pressures and anxiety we’re all facing.”

“When Conn reached out to us to help him make the Cancer Dojo app entirely free for cancer patients during May and June, and in light of the current situation, we jumped at the chance,” said Mariska Oostehuizen, Sanlam Head of Brand Marketing. “Sanlam has supported the CANSA organisation for more than 27 years and have helped raise close to R50 million in the fight against cancer. It is a cause close to our hearts.  Assisting people during challenging times is key to our purpose at the Sanlam Group; it’s the reason we get up in the morning and this is just another way to help during these very trying times..”

The Power of Positive Participation

The Cancer Dojo ideology is supported by a growing movement in the power of positive actions and thinking. With the help of the app cancer patients can build their resilience and immune systems while helping to augment the effects of their treatments through the use of creative techniques, tasks and fun challenges based on Psychoneuroimmunology – the science behind how the mind affects the human body.

Bertish explains, “The Cancer Dojo app is a space where cancer warriors can learn, find purpose within their disease and grow stronger while sharing skills and boosting their resilience within a supportive, inspired community. We believe that happier people, are harder to kill.”

Research shows that being empowered and positive in a debilitating situation has profound effects on your immune system, enabling more resilience and the ability to bounce back from treatments and setbacks better. “Now you can make anyone you love dealing with cancer more resilient to the challenges of COVID-19 at no cost. Gift it to a loved one and help spread the message of resilience,” says Bertish.

Oostehuizen concludes, “As we all face a new and challenging future, it is heartening to know that the spirit of ubuntu still burns strong in the streets and boardrooms of South Africa. It is a testament to the unique resilience of a united can-do South African mindset.”

The Cancer Dojo app is available to download on the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Alternatively, gift the app by visiting and use the voucher code ‘GetStronger’ at checkout. You can also follow Cancer Dojo on Facebook and Twitter.

Cancer Dojo is a social enterprise partner of People Living with Cancer, a registered Non-Profit Organisation.

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