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Don’t Avoid Prostate Cancer Screening

Men over the age of 40 need to go for simple screening tests each year to check if they might have prostate cancer, which is the most common cancer among men in South Africa and globally – PSA tests can be done at our CANSA Care Centres.

See video interview where two men have a frank discussion re symptoms and what needs to be done:

Screening Tips

The prospect of screening or an examination may be daunting, but the reality is that it could save your life and that men can no longer afford to avoid screening.   A PSA (finger prick test) to detect prostate cancer and examining your testicles for 10 minutes once per month is not too much to ask.

However, should a physical examination, such as a digital rectal examination (to detect prostate cancer) be necessary – take heart – although you may experience slight discomfort, the examination is usually quick and painless:

  • Breathe deeply and try to relax
  • Remind yourself that this examination may save your life & commend yourself for being responsible
  • Remind yourself that this is routine for your doctor – this is an impersonal, clinical examination
  • Switch off to a degree – focus your mind on planning an activity or plan the week ahead and not on the examination

And before you know it the examination will be over and you can have peace of mind that nothing sinister is lurking below the radar!

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