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Video: CANSA Melamoma Awareness

CANSA wants to raise awareness of skin cancer and the importance of being SunSmart to reduce cancer risk. We recently got motorists’ attention with our “Car Melanoma Campaign”:

South Africa – High Incidence of Skin Cancer:

South Africa has the 2nd highest incidence of skin cancer in the world after Australia, and in particular one of the highest incidences of melanoma worldwide, as far as Caucasians are concerned.

At least 20 000 South Africans are diagnosed annually with non-melanoma skin cancers, and a approximately 1 500 are diagnosed with melanoma.

Everyone at Risk:

It is important to take note of the fact that everyone, regardless of racial or ethnic group, is at risk of getting skin cancer. Although people with darker skins are less susceptible, because their skin contains more natural melanin, that protects against sun damage, everyone is at risk from the harsh African sun.

Nikki Seboni was diagnosed with malignant melanoma when she was 24 yrs old. Says Nikki,”In my ignorance, I believed skin cancer was a white person’s disease. Never had I heard of a black person having such a diagnosis. In my opinion, black people just had sensitive skin and that was that. This is what I believed, growing up.” Read full story here…

Reduce Your Risk:

Learn more about how you can lower your risk for melanoma… – and contact your local CANSA Care Centre for a skin examination or book a Fotofinder Dermoscope (mole mapping) screening (booking essential as Fotofinder roams between Care Centres).

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