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CANSA's Tough Living with Cancer (TLC) Programme

Video: An Introduction to CANSA’s TLC Programme

Video: An Introduction to CANSA’s TLC Programme

CANSA TLC (Tough Living with Cancer) is a programme for children and teens diagnosed with cancer or affected by cancer (a family member has cancer). Support is provided to the family as a whole in both scenarios. Read more about CANSA TLC (Tough Living with Cancer) Programme.

Video – Take a Tour Through CANSA’s TLC Nicus Lodge:

A special word of thanks to the following parents and children who agreed to be interviewed in this video: Elizma and Chante Jacobs; Dudu Themba and Siphesilile Mavinbela; Elize and Emmanuel Maloney and Lettie and Tumelo Makhali.

About CANSA’s TLC Nicus Lodge

At CANSA’s TLC Nicus Lodge parents or guardians can stay free of charge for the duration of their child or ward’s treatment. The lodge is open all year. Wards are within walking distance of the lodge. This is ideal for parents who stay far away from treatment centres or who struggle with transport costs when taking their child for treatment.

Parents can prepare their own meals in the fully equipped kitchen and donated food is provided for them to prepare. CANSA TLC staff supply linen, toiletries and clothes necessary and a laundry service is available.   Other services and initiatives offered include: counselling, prosthetic support, training re cancer signs and symptoms, dietary information and education, pain and symptom control and ‘end of life’ care. Arts & crafts activities are also offered to help pass the time constructively.

About CANSA’s Paediatric Oncology Ward at Pietersburg Provincial Hospital

CANSA’s TLC Paediatric Oncology Ward is situated at the Pietersburg Provincial Hospital in Polokwane and offers in-house accommodation to parents, guardians and care-givers of children undergoing treatment in the ward. Guests at the CANSA TLC Paediatric Ward stay for an average of six weeks and there are 20 beds to accommodate them.

Basic food is supplied by the hospital, however as most of the children are going through chemo, and their appetite varies, a stove and fridge in the kitchen has been made available to parents so that they can cater for the gastronomic needs of their children. The community at large donates groceries towards this end, as well as cleaning materials.

As these children are in the hospital for long periods of time, qualified teachers have volunteered their time and talent to teach or rather keep the children in the “learning mode”. Parties and entertainment are also arranged for the children.

Be a Gift to a Child in Need:

Please consider making a donation towards supporting our TLC programme so that we can help more children and families. Donations will assist with the provision of prosthetic support (children who have lost an eye or limb); the provision of wheelchairs; pain control implants and medical equipment.

Queries CANSA TLC:

Please email Cara Noble at or – alternately, phone our Toll Free Call Centre on 0800 22 66 22.


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