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Help the Vlok Family Raise Money to Make Treatment Easier for Young Cancer Patients

2022: Each September Madeleine Vlok and her family host an online fundraiser to support CANSA’s TLC Programme and children affected by cancer.

Funds raised in 2022 will help CANSA TLC afford life changing medical port-a-cath and broviac implants (used for critical chemotherapy infusions, administration of medicines / fluids, as well as repetitive blood draws), prosthetic eyes (Retinoblastoma is a prevalent paediatric cancer in South Africa), as well as a variety of paediatric mobility devices and local anesthetic products. We appreciate each and every donation! Together we can make a difference!

A message from Madeleine:

“Our family’s 10th Annual Pediatric Cancer Campaign will run from 1-30 September 2022. Our theme this year: ‘Decade of Hope’. With the help of so many donors, we have been able to bring hope to those in need for the last 9 years. By continuing to raise funds this September, we will be able to provide much needed support for the year to come, marking a ‘Decade of Hope’.”

(Port-a-cath and broviac implants are only provided to children / teens by CANSA TLC, based on Paediatric Oncologist requests)

To commemorate this 10th Annual campaign, we have:

  • A double match for the first 10 donors
  • A total match of $10 000


Why Raise Money For Port-a-Cath and Broviac Implants:

We are raising funds specifically for the purchase of lifesaving port-a-cath and broviac implants, for kids who are not covered by medical aids, to be used by young cancer patients in South Africa. A child with a port will experience less needle pricks and the obstacle of finding a vein will be removed.

What is a Port-a-Cath?

A port (or port-a-cath) is a small medical appliance that is installed beneath the skin. A catheter connects the port to a vein. Under the skin, the port has a septum through which medicine can be injected and blood samples can be drawn many times, usually with less discomfort for the patient than a more typical “needle stick”.

This is a lifesaving device for a cancer patient, during regular chemotherapy sessions, but also in cases of emergency, where doctors might need to administer medicine / fluids quickly.

Most chemotherapy patients struggle with the “health” of their veins during their treatment thus making it very difficult to access the veins sometimes. The port-a-cath makes it quick and efficient to access veins directly.

Madeleine Fundraiser 2015

Help Save a Young Life and Make Treatment Easier:

All funds will be earmarked for and received by CANSA’s TLC Programme. No donation is too small to make a difference and donations will add up to cover the costs of these lifesaving ports. The cost of a port in South Africa is approximately R4 500, including port needles for the duration of treatment. The cost of a paediatric nutrition package is R350.

About the Vlok Family Fundraiser for CANSA’s TLC Children

Madeleine Vlok and family raise funds to support awareness and care & support for those who have been affected by Childhood Cancer, every year, during September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

2022 – this is the 10th year they have created an online fundraising page where online donations can be made securely and paid directly to CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) in aid of its TLC Programme which supports children / teens and families affected by cancer.

Says Madeleine, “We thank you for donating towards our fundraiser. No child or family should have to face cancer on their own…”

Vera van Dalen (CANSA TLC) 2021:

“Making a difference and offering support is a privilege. Over the years CANSA TLC has reached out to childhood cancer units, offering support in various ways.

One way is by helping with ports and broviacs, knowing that if it is handled correctly and taken in a sterile manner, that it can reduce the trauma of multi-needle pricks and drive away fears and tears.

Many children fighting cancer are benefitting from these products.

We hope that some kids at Charlotte Maxeke and Dr George Mukhari hospitals will experience the benefit of our recent support offering and donations. Thank you to our valued supporters in this regard, especially the #vlokfamily, who raised R410 000  through their fundraising efforts this year. The Vlok’s have raised a total of R2.7 million for CANSA TLC from 2013 to 2021!”

Background Vlok Family Fundraiser

Many ask why we run our annual campaign.

In memory and honor of our Mom / Grandma and others’ brave fight against cancer, we are inspired to give back.

Since 2013 our family raised $194 000 (R2.7 million) for CANSA TLC, South Africa. Our 3 boys have been part of our fundraiser and awareness campaign since day 1. Our boys will be volunteering at PCRF (Paediatric Cancer Research Foundation) events in the US, as well as speak at school assemblies during the month of September.

We encourage our kids to always look out for others, and there is something powerful about kids helping kids. A community effort spreads awareness and creates empathy and charitable hearts in all of us.

Although we live in the US, we love, respect, and honour our roots and where we came from. We feel humbled and honored to work with CANSA TLC in South Africa every year.

About CANSA’s TLC Programme

CANSA TLC (Tough Living with Cancer) is a programme for children and teens diagnosed with cancer or affected by cancer (a family member has cancer). Support is provided to the family as a whole.

Read more about CANSA’s TLC Programmme or contact Anina Meiring, email:

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