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Survey Reveals Desperation to QUIT – NICORETTE®

Most smokers do not enjoy smoking, don’t think it is cool, and know it is bad for their health.

These were the startling conclusions of the third annual NICORETTE® South African Smoking Survey, which polled smokers about their smoking habits, trends and behaviours to smoking.¹

The survey, endorsed by CANSA and conducted by NICORETTE®, a leading provider of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) in South Africa, included men and women across all education levels, income groups and races, in all nine provinces. ¹

According to Nicorette, “This survey intended to monitor and give in-depth insight into current smoking trends, and also to allow industry stakeholders to better understand the behaviour and perceptions of smokers, as well as non–smokers.”

The survey showed that people were really serious to stop smoking and needed assistance to do so.

Tobacco use is one of the biggest health threats and second hand smoke is detrimental to the health of children.

This survey is a great opportunity for CANSA, researchers and the Tobacco Action Group (TAG) to focus on cessation programmes.  Why do we have rehabilitation centres for drug and alcohol abuse and not nicotine addiction?

When asked whether respondents enjoyed smoking, 62.0% of males and 68.1% of females indicated that they do not. Most smokers want to stop, with 76.4% of men and 74.5% of women reporting that they had tried to give up over the past 12 months. Only a third of these, in both genders, said they had successfully given up. ¹

For most smokers, the strongest motivation for quitting is concern about their health, with only about 17% of men and women saying that higher tobacco taxes or expensive cigarettes would motivate them to stop. ¹

Over 90% of respondents said that they had heard of NICORETTE® as a smoking cessation technique and of these, almost 60% had used the product. ¹

“For many people, sheer willpower is the first thing they try on their quitting journey,” said Motilal. “International research has made it clear, however, that it is a combination of willpower, NRT and behavioural support that garners the best results, and that it can take more than one attempt to successfully break the habit.” (2-3)

As many as 49% of respondents said that they smoked because they were stressed. ¹Contrary to the widely held belief that most people start smoking because of peer pressure or to be cool, the survey revealed that only 6.8% of men and 4.7% of women see smoking as cool or a form of rebellion. As many as 93.7% of men and 96.7% of women polled said they did not start smoking because of peer pressure. In addition, only 3.6% of the male and 5.8% of the female respondents said that their partners were smokers. ¹

A surprisingly high percentage of smokers – 68% of the men and 78% of the women – said that smoking did not form part of their social behaviour (drinking, going out and socialising). ¹Close to half of all respondents believed that the government needed to enforce community service for smokers who ignored the laws. Almost a third supported fines, and around 18% felt that smoking should be banned completely. ¹

Stats SA’s 2010 figures show that over 44 000 South Africans die of tobacco related diseases each year. According to the World Health Organisation, smoking is more prevalent among men, at 35%. 4



Since its introduction 28 years ago, NICORETTE® has become South Africa’s market leader in NRT.5 The World Health Organisation endorses NRT products as “remarkably safe”. 6

About Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

Nicotine Replacement Therapy, such as NICORETTE®, provide a smaller dose of nicotine than you would normally get from a cigarette, but enough to beat the cravings you get when you stop smoking. Day by day your cravings will become less frequent until they disappear. So the quitting process is made easier. You can take control of your cravings simply by using NICORETTE® NRT along with behavioural support. Quitting using willpower alone is an enormous challenge, since one has to cope with a combination of nicotine withdrawal, breaking a strong habit and a terrible temptation when people smoke around you.   However, NICORETTE® has been shown to work. Research has shown that smokers are twice as likely to stop smoking using NRT, than with willpower alone.7

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NICORETTE® REGISTRATION DETAILS NICORETTE® Mint Gum 2 mg: Each piece contains nicotine-resin complex 20% 10, 0 mg equivalent to 2 mg nicotine. Reg.No.: 30/34/0272NICORETTE® Mint Gum 4 mg: Each piece contains nicotine-resin complex 20% 20,0 mg equivalent to 4 mg nicotine. Reg.No.: 30/34/0273NICORETTE® Gum 2 mg: Each piece contains nicotine-resin complex 20% 10,0 mg equivalent to 2 mg nicotine. Reg.No.: P/34/187NICORETTE® Gum 4 mg: Each piece contains nicotine-resin complex 20% 20,0 mg equivalent to 4 mg nicotine. Reg.No.: P/34/188

For full prescribing information refer to the package insert approved by the Medicines Control Council. ® Trademark © Johnson & Johnson (Pty) Ltd 2012. Nicorette® is most effective when used in conjunction with a behaviour modification programme. Nicorette® contains NICOTINE.

Time to Quit

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