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Reduce Your Cancer Risk

The Best Defence Against Cancer:

Doing what you can to reduce your cancer risk is your best defence. This could save your life.

Early detection is key. Finding cancer early, before it has spread, gives you the best chance to do something about it.

Take control of your health, and reduce your cancer risk:

CANSA recommends the following:

  • CANSA advocates that every woman should do regular (monthly) breast self-examinations (BSE) at the same time every month following her menstrual cycle from age 20 and to report any changes or concerns to a doctor or professional nurse practitioner without delay.
  • CANSA, advocates a mammogram every year for all women from age 40 for purposes of non-symptomatic breast screening.
  • Women 55 years and older should change to having a mammogram every 2 years – or have the choice to continue with an annual mammogram.
  • Regular breast examinations can save your life. Read more..

Cervical Cancer Screening

  • All women should go for Pap smears at least every 3 years, from the age of 25, to detect abnormal cells early. However, women are entitled to be screened at a younger age. Women making use of public sector screening services are entitled to three free Pap smears per lifetime, starting at the age of 30 years or older, with a 10 year interval between each smear. Special consideration is given to HIV positive woman.
  • Regular Pap smears can save your life. Read more…


  • Establish an intimate relationship with your body and know it very well; this will help you pick up promptly any unusual or unfamiliar developments.
  • Remember, it is very important to get any health condition diagnosed at an early stage because many diseases are managed with great success if treated early enough! Do not sit back and hope ailments will go away, some will not and by the time you seek assistance, it might be too late for effective intervention.
  • Always feel free to ask questions and / or seek clarity when you do not know or understand. This is the only way you will get to know about health conditions better.
  • Contact your local CANSA Care Centre to book a Clinical Breast Examination or have your Pap Smear done.
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