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Former Two Oceans Champ & Survivor Educating his Community

Former Two Oceans Champ & Survivor Educating his Community

Prostate Cancer Survivor, Thulani Sibisi, who will be supporting CANSA at the upcoming Soweto Marathon, is joining the fight against cancer by taking education to his community.

“We have to start something to educate people,” says Sibisi.

As a former Two Oceans Marathon winner, he prided himself in being fit and healthy, but when he started experiencing difficulty in urinating, along with a burning sensation in 2010, he started to feel concerned.

“I went to my family doctor and he told me not to be concerned, so I tried to ignore my symptoms. In 2012 I collapsed, and then only were my symptoms taken more seriously. After some tests, I was told I had stage three prostate cancer,” tells Sibisi.

As a cancer Survivor in remission, Sibisi appeals to all men to not delay being tested for cancers such as prostate and testicular cancer.

“If you are experiencing any worrying symptoms, rather be safe and go to your doctor for screening,” concludes Sibisi.

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