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Check Them Out

The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), Food Lover’s Market and Grid Worldwide (leading branding and design agency) have joined hands in a national campaign to raise awareness of the importance of breast self-examinations (BSE) to detect breast cancer early. Read media release…

The cheeky challenge to the ladies is, “You’ve checked our fruit, but have you checked yours?”

Quirky stickers on fruit will remind women to perform breast self-examinations (BSE) at home to spot lumps, bumps and other irregularities which may be signs of breast cancer. In store posters will show women how to conduct a breast self-examination (BSE) and a QR code may be scanned to find important information regarding the campaign and breast cancer awareness on the CANSA website.

With breast cancer being the most prevalent cancer among South African women according to the latest National Cancer Registry statistics, it is hoped that the importance of knowing your body and breast self-examination (BSE) will be top of mind when shoppers visit Food Lover’s stores and when they go home they can take along specially branded shopping bags to remind them.

Check Your Fruit

Find additional information regarding Clinical Breast Examinations (CBE) and Mammograms on the breast cancer page

How CANSA Helps

CANSA provides information regarding breast self-examination (BSE) and local CANSA Care Centres may be contacted to arrange a Clinical Breast Examination.

CANSA offers free Tele Counselling, support groups, and online support groups and resources to patients diagnosed with cancer. Patients may purchase breast prostheses (including Knitted Knockers), lymphoedema garments, natural hair wigs and CompassionHat headwear at affordable prices from our Care Centres.

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  • How your donation helps fight cancer
  • How your donation helps fight cancer
  • How your donation helps fight cancer

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