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Our Cause Related Marketing Partners

Our CRM partners donate a portion of the income they receive for certain products, to us. CANSA wishes to thank it’s CRM partners for their support which enables us to assist those affected by cancer. Read more about CANSA…

How your donation helps fight cancer

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Miiskin Smartphone App to Benefit CANSA

Miiskin and CANSA are working together to create awareness in the South African population about checking your skin and moles for changes. The app contains paid premium features of which CANSA will receive 15%.

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Published: 3 Jan 2019 | Last Updated: 9 Mar 2021
Categories: Our Cause Related Marketing Partners, SunSmart

Pink Labelled Tugela Water Bottles in Support of CANSA

Tugela Enterprises PTY LTD – for every bottle of PINK labelled Tugela Water, CANSA will receive 5 % of the profit.

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Published: 26 Oct 2018
Categories: Our Cause Related Marketing Partners

Satin Pillow Cases Help CANSA & Cancer Patients

Satin Pillow Cases are proud partners of CANSA and for each satin pillow case that they sell, they will donate R1-00 to CANSA…

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Published: 9 Feb 2017 | Last Updated: 10 Mar 2021
Categories: I have Cancer, Our Cause Related Marketing Partners

Buy a Life Policy & Support CANSA

Should you buy a Life Policy through Petrie Swanevelder’s Agency, CANSA will receive the proceeds and 20% of the introduction fees.

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Published: 1 Jan 2017 | Last Updated: 2 Oct 2017
Categories: Our Cause Related Marketing Partners

i-Collect Partners with CANSA to Help Those Affected by Cancer

For every kilogram of used textiles collected through the i-Collect drive, R1-00 will be donated to CANSA.

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Published: 14 Aug 2015 | Last Updated: 17 Oct 2018
Categories: Our Cause Related Marketing Partners

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