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CANSA & Partners Campaign for New Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Bill to be Passed by Parliament

2022CANSA together with the National Council Against Smoking (NCAS), Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa and the South African Medical Research Council, continues  campaigning for the new Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Bill to be passed by Parliament, to make it easier for South Africans to choose smoke-free lives and put an end to the threat tobacco-use poses to the environment.

The Tobacco Control Bill, 2018 amends the existing Tobacco Control law.

It mainly focuses on ensuring the following:

  • 100% smoke-free indoor public areas
  • Plain packaging and pictorial health warnings
  • E-cigarette regulation
  • Banning of the sale of tobacco and related products in vending machines
  • Banning adverts at tills in retail outlets

100% smoke-free indoor public areas

Non-smokers face the same risks that smokers do even when they are not the ones smoking. Second-hand smoke causes serious illnesses like cancer, stroke and lung diseases. Introducing 100% smoke free public areas is the only effective way to protect non-smokers.

Plain packaging with pictorial health warnings for all tobacco products including e-cigarettes

The current packages serve to market tobacco and related products, and to mislead the public about the related harmful effects. Plain packaging and picture health warnings will make health warnings more visible and reduce the appeal and will create more awareness about the dangers of these products.

The regulation of electronic cigarettes

E-cigarettes are harmful, their use has been linked to cancers, lung and heart diseases. They also affect the brain development of adolescents. They promote nicotine addiction and may lead to tobacco use among the youth.

Banning of the sale of tobacco and related products in vending machines

Currently, children can easily access tobacco and related products in vending machines. This Bill completely bans the sale of these products in vending machines to protect children.

Banning tobacco advertising at retail and point of sale

Currently, the tills at retail outlets are used to advertise tobacco and related products to lure the youth to buy products. Banning advertisement at retail point of sale protects the youth from unintentional buying and beginning to smoke.

Benefits of the Tobacco Control Bill

  • Promotes the rights of non-smokers from exposure to second-hand smoke (Section 24 (a) of the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of RSA)
  • Prevents young people from starting to smoke
  • Research indicates that regulating the use of tobacco and related products reduces smoking rates, which reduces the tobacco related diseases and deaths, and results in less pressure on the health system
  • Billions of rands will be saved if people don’t get sick and this will drive enormous economic benefits.


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