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Four CANSA Volunteers Share What Motivates them to Give Back

Dorothy Masiane Phakamisa Navigator & CANSA Volunteer

Dorothy Masiane Phakamisa Navigator & CANSA Volunteer

Dorothy Masiane (62), breast cancer Survivor and CANSA Phakamisa Navigator, explains, “CANSA supported me through counselling while going through my cancer journey and gave me the opportunity to volunteer as a Phakamisa navigator; in order to uplift other patients and to educate my community about cancer. I love being around people, helping to save lives and educating how to do self-breast examinations to both men and women and to teach them that when they feel something in the breast or when they realise any changes in their bodies, to come forward. I’ve realised that most men and women don’t talk about their health and we try to help them with that. It’s my pleasure to see some of them trying to change the way they see things.”

“I’ve gained a lot of experience working with people – teaching and helping them learn how to live their lives with and through cancer. To me this work is like peeling an onion – there are more layers to discover and explore. It also helps teach me and my entire family on how we should lead healthy lives. While doing presentations, I’m not so afraid anymore to stand in front of a lot people and say something. It actually helps me be the best ‘Lucas’ ever, all thanks to CANSA and the Movember Foundation programme. I love helping people and getting them to talk about their health,” tells Lucas Pelompe, a Movember Navigator in Rustenburg.

Lucas Pelompe Movember Navigator & CANSA Volunteer

Lucas Pelompe Movember Navigator & CANSA Volunteer

Says Michelle Apperley, CANSA Newcastle Volunteer, “Sometimes you only realise that you have the potential to change peoples’ lives, when given the opportunity to give your experiences to those around you.”

Apperley believes there is so much you can do for a cancer patient, be it cutting their grass, fetching their post or buying groceries, cooking a meal, taking them to the doctor, or phoning to see if they are alright. “It doesnt’ matter what your gender, age or race is, cancer can affect us all, as volunteering can”.

Another CANSA Newcastle Volunteer, Lutfiya Peer says, “This experience has changed my outlook on life and the way I view people around me. Helping others has made me realise how privileged I am.” Read more…

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