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CANSA a Partner of Cancer Alliance Educating to Remove Cancer Stigma

You’ve received the devastating news that you have cancer – suddenly you experience a change in attitude towards yourself.

You’re being avoided by loved ones, friends or colleagues, even blamed for your diagnosis. People in your community believe you have brought this diagnosis on yourself, because you are cursed or bewitched. Others avoid you, because they fear that they will ‘catch’ cancer from you…

CANSA and the Cancer Alliance are working together to promote awareness and education around cancer and dispel myths and mistaken beliefs such as these, that may lead to the stigmatisation of cancer patients and loved ones. #CancerAwareness #LetsTalkAboutCancer

Toddler Rejected by Community

A young girl and her mom were being rejected by their community, when CANSA’s TLC Staff in Kimberley stepped in to help.

Thandi* was diagnosed with colon cancer in November 2012, at the age of 1 yr and 5 months.

Jessica*, Thandi’s* mom said at the time: “The lack of knowledge and understanding in our village is extreme. The majority still believe that my child is contagious and can harm them. My child was kicked out of nursery school due to the fact that other parents were scared that my child could infect them.”

TLC Staff from the CANSA Kimberley Care Centre went out of their way to travel to the region where Thandi* and her mom live, to offer support and information to their community. They met with numerous members of the community to raise awareness re Childhood Cancer and to provide support for daughter and mother. Read more…

*Names changed to protect privacy…

If you know of any cancer patient who is being stigmatised and needs our intervention and support, please contact your local CANSA Care Centre or email:

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