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Wills Week – Who and What in Your Life do You Care most about?

Your response can be revealing….

For most of us, the answer begins with the people we care about – family and close friends. Then comes our home, and our assets both financial and material, along with the issues, the ideals, and ethics about which we feel strongly.

And on the more personal side, most people care about their contribution to the world and the reputation they build for themselves.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that these same criteria apply when we consider the end of life. And an action in this regard is the making of a Will.

Firstly, using the freedom and the power to decide how a lifetime’s worth of hard-earned assets will be used, and not leaving that decision to the state is very important. And the welfare of loved ones will always top the list of those to benefit from those assets.

But there’s often also an opportunity in a Will to include, amongst the beneficiaries, those causes and ideals that we’ve subscribed to and supported during our lifetime. If your support of the work of CANSA happens to be one of these causes, then you may wish to consider some form of legacy for the continuation of your belief in and support of what we do.

And should you already have included CANSA in your Will, or wish to discuss the possibility, please click here to advise us by emailing so that a CANSA representative can respond to you.

Your kind consideration of including CANSA in your Will to ensure CANSA can continue in the future to support those on a cancer journey, will be so appreciated.

Thank you, so much

Yours sincerely
Elize Joubert
Chief Executive Officer CANSA

P.S.: Please click here to email us at if you’d like us to post you a copy of our booklet on drawing up your Will.

Note: Did you know it’s National Wills Week when you can get your will done for FREE – locate participating attorneys at this link:

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